Flo Audio has launched Yamaha MT4X 4 Tracks Cassette Impulse Set, a new collection of impulse responses.

Flo Audio Yamaha MT4X

I know you’ve been quite liking the concept of me bringing you exotic pieces in impulse format and i have the pleasure to introduce you the release of the Yamaha MT4X 4 tracks cassette recorder Impulse Set! I went pretty hardcore on this set, since i used everything i could to squeeze the most juice out of it… The result ? 191 impulses capturing that 4 tracks cassette recorder at its finest. From its 3 bands EQ, to its DBX noise reduction, and even a pass thru each captured with sine sweeps, impulses, with a cassette, without…

Everything was recorded thru a hardware SSL channel strip and then SSL converter!

The set is available for purchase for 5 EUR.

More information: Flo Audio / Yamaha MT4X 4 Tracks Cassette Impulse Set