G-Sonique releases FSQ1964


G-Sonique has released FSQ1964, a vacuum tube high frequency / transient vitaliser effect plug-in for Windows.

The FSQ1964 is very useful tool when mixing your songs. It is capable of giving them a true sound, sharpness and boldness, simply everything the modern records should have! Boldness, sweet jingly high frequencies, analog colors, crystal and transparent transients …everything with FSQ1964 in few seconds!

FSQ1964 is not a classic enhancer. This little machine joins two quality emphasizers of transients – Module 1 and Module 2. They can emphasize even the most muffled transients and make them sharp like a 32 carat brilliant diamond. In order to achieve maximal quality of the sound with minimum unwanted artefacts the sound is processed via doubled oversampling algorithm.

G-Sonique FSQ1964G-Sonique FSQ1964

FSQ1964 features

  • Two independent modules for emphasizing of transients (percussive highs of signal) dynamically joined with emphasizers of ultra-high frequencies
  • Two independent modules for emphasizing the high frequencies with a possibility of setting of dynamic hue characteristics (with the parameters like tube harmonics, frequency, bandwidth, boost)
  • Dynamic input and output amplifiers (you can set level of saturation)
  • Double internal oversampling for achieving maximal quality of sound with minimum of unwanted artifacts
  • On/Off bypass switch for instant sound control (with and without effect)
  • VU meter showing the level of analog saturation of signal
  • Preset manager with exemplary presets

FSQ1964 is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, priced at 12 EUR for the first 100 customers (+19% VAT for the EU residents).

More information: G-Sonique / FSQ1964

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Some of the demo limitations:

– Burst of noise every 20 seconds
– Fadeout every 40 seconds
– Can be run 35 times

Way to ensure I’m not going to even demo it and thus won’t buy it either. One of these limitations would have been fine, but all of them? Makes the product undemoable.


I don’t know why there is 20 seconds written, becaue it is about one time per minute in my case