Audio Plugin Deals has announced a two week deal on the Klusterkitt Bundle, a collection of three Kontakt instrument libraries by Pornofonic.

Audio Plugin Deals Klusterkitt Bundle

The bundle comprises Konstruktor, Fabrikator and Rezonator. It comes with a huge collection of drum designers and kit builders with a total of 11,508 stereo samples, 234 beautifully constructed drum kits, and 1,339 instruments.

The Klusterkitt Bundle blends raw and treated acoustic percussion with synthesized sound sources, then shapes and colors them with custom convolution impulses. This bundle requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher.

Konstruktor’s raw, unpolished textures, Fabrikator’s unique electronic sound treatments, and Rezonator’s fat electronic kits and noisy cluster percussion bring fresh texture and motion to beat-making.

Regularly $119 USD, The Klusterkitt Bundle is now available for just $34.99 USD until June 23rd, 2019.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals