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Pornofonic RootBass TANG

Pornofonic Instruments releases RootBass TANG for Kontakt

Pornofonic Instruments has announced the release of a new Kontakt library featuring all-new electro-mechanical bass instruments constructed from a multisampled analog synthesizer, physical actuators,...
Pornofonic RootBass

Pornofonic releases RootBass virtual bass instrument for Kontakt at 25% intro discount

Pornofonic Instruments has announced the launch of RootBass, a Kontakt instrument library that recaptures the sound of classic bass keys, electric basses & bass...
Audio Plugin Deals Klusterkitt Bundle

Get 70% OFF Klusterkitt Bundle drum designers and kit builders collection by Pornofonic

Audio Plugin Deals has announced a two week deal on the Klusterkitt Bundle, a collection of three Kontakt instrument libraries by Pornofonic.The bundle comprises...
pornofonic instruments klusterkitt rezonator

Pornofonic Instruments launches Klusterkitt Rezonator: Order & Chaos for Kontakt

Pornofonic Instruments has announced the release of the third in the Klusterkitt family of drum designers/kit builders for Native Instruments Kontakt.Rezonator focuses on discrete...
VST Buzz Klusterkitt Bundle

Save 70% off Klusterkitt Bundle by Pornofonic Instruments

VST Buzz has launched a sale on the Klusterkitt Bundle, a Kontakt instrument collection featuring a unique hybrid convolution rhythm engine and dynamic hybrid...
pornofonic instruments klusterkitt fabrikator

Pornofonic releases Fabrikator instrument library for Kontakt

Pornofonic has announced the second title in the series of hybrid convolution drum designers & kit builders for Kontakt.Fabrikator takes the concept from the...
pornofonic instruments klusterkitt konstruktor

Klüsterkitt Konstruktor hybrid kit builder for Kontakt released

Pornofonic has announced the release of Klüsterkitt Konstruktor, a hybrid kit builder that uses acoustic-synthetic blends and convolution as a coloring/shaping tool.Klüsterkitt captures the...
Pornofonic Klüsterjunkk

Pornofonic releases Klüsterjunkk for Kontakt

Pornofonix has launched with the release of Klüsterjunkk, a Kontakt library featuring eleven noisy percussion instruments from constructed and de/reconstructed junk.Scratches, thumps, slaps and...

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