Plugin Boutique has published a video tutorial in which Joshua Casper reviews the key features of the Echo Cat tape delay effect plugin from Wavesfactory.

Invented in 1958 by Charlie Watkins, the Copicat delay was an instant hit. Featured in countless albums from the ’60s and ’70s and used by great bands like The Shadows and Pink Floyd. Primarily designed for guitar, it’s now a sought after piece of equipment in studios around the world.

Echo Cat brings back the sound and behaviour of the original unit with authentic tape simulation and three playback heads. With added extra features that any modern delay plugin should have. These include M/S processing, tempo sync delay times, filters on the feedback path, varispeed, modulation and ducking.

Echo Cat is currently on sale for $55 USD as part of Plugin Boutique’s Manufacturer Focus promotion on Wavesfactory. The offer expires May 31st, 2021.