HoRNet Plugins has announced the release of its new HATEFISh RhyGenerator, a step sequencer plugin that creates Euclidean rhythms.

A collaboration with electronic music artist HATEFISh, the HATEFISh RhyGenerator sequencer is designed to distribute a certain number of “beats” in a given number of “steps”, as evenly as possible.

HATEFISh RhyGenerator provides 16 different step sequencers that support up to 32 steps each and can work in five different modes: note, arpeggiator up, arpeggiator down, chord and control change.

Each of the sequencers uses the euclidean rhythm algorithm to create rhythmic patterns in a few seconds.

HATEFISh RhyGenerator features

  • Up to 16 different euclidean step sequencer.
  • Five different working modes for each of the sequencers.
  • Up to 32 step for each sequencer.
  • Automatic euclidean rhythm generation.
  • One LFO on each sequencer to create modulations.
  • MIDI effect in Logic Pro X.
  • Resizable vector GUI.
  • Mac OS X (>=10.7) and Windows support.
  • 64-bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows.
  • Audio Units VST2.4, VST3 and AAX format.

HATEFISh RhyGenerator is available for purchase for 14.99 EUR.

More information: HoRNet Plugins