HyperSynth Oresus

HyperSynth has released version 1.1 of Oresus, a virtual synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

Oresus is a synthesizer with huge range of tonal possibilities and intuitive user interface, It introduces WSM (wave shape modulation) and complex oscillator to produce new waveshapes from two raw sub oscillators. Oresus features two filters with 12 modes, these filters are configurable as parallel and serial or even as a combination of both to achieve new filter types. A modulation matrix with 18 sources and 23 destinations provides an extensive choice for modulation purposes.

Changes in Oresus v1.1

  • Added mono/stereo unison up to 5 voices.
  • Added link option in “stereo unison” mode for filter 1, 2.
  • Added Step LFO module that is integrated with gate steps.
  • Fixed gate sync problem while playing more than one note.
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow “WSM A>B” to be saved in preset.
  • Fixed a problem which caused to generate unwanted DC offset in PW modulation.
  • Fixed hard coded key-track malfunction that attenuated high notes very much.
  • Redesigned gate module graphics.

Oresus is available to purchase as a VST instrument for Windows PC for $45 USD.

More information: HyperSynth / Oresus