IK Multimedia has just announced the launch of a group buy on the Syntronik 2 virtual synthesizer collection, offering a chance to get Syntronik 2 MAX with all 33 Synths for the price of a single Synth.

The Syntronik 2 Group Buy gives you an incredible way to get every Synth you want from Syntronik 2 MAX. We’ve lowered the price from $79.99 on the three premium Synths (GS-V, Syner-V, M-12) and now all Syntronik 2 Synths are just $49.99 during this special Group Buy.

Purchase and register any Syntronik 2 Synth and choose 2 more for FREE! That’s 3 for the price of 1 right from the start. And it gets better. Since this is a Group Buy, you can grab even more FREE Synths throughout the month. Each time anyone purchases and registers a Syntronik 2 Synth during the promotion, the Group Buy counter increases by 1.

Every time the counter goes up by 100, you’ll be able to choose another Synth in your User Area for FREE until we reach our goal of 3,000 registered Synths. That means you could get Syntronik 2 MAX with all 33 Syntronik Synths for the price of 1 single Synth!

The promotion is valid through May 19th, 2022.

More information: IK Multimedia