Insert Piz here Mr. Alias Pro

Insert Piz Here has released version 2.1 of Mr. Alias Pro, a “Pro” version of the Mr. Alias instrument plug-in for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Something was bothering me about the sound of Mr. Alias Pro. The sound was still not quite “pro” enough. So, I added some 3D knobs and sliders, and labeled the controls.

It’s skinnable, and also has two assignable LFOs, an extra assignable envelope, an updated user’s manual (here), higher CPU usage, etc.

I’m giving it to anyone who donates for Mr. Alias. Anyone who already has it can download the update from the same secret location.

Since it’s released under the GPL, if you’re a highly unprofessional computer nerd, you could also get the source and compile the “Pro” version yourself without paying me anything.

Mr. Alias Pro v2.1 features

  • 2 oscillators
  • 18 waveforms
  • Full stereo processing
  • 6 filter types including a formant filter
  • Filter envelope
  • External audio processing (no need to hire Butch Vig)
  • Patch randomizer button
  • Highly configurable MIDI control with MIDI learn
  • MIDI-controllable patch morphing
  • Included bank of 128 presets, including some by waka x
  • Drag & drop preset and MIDI map loading
  • “Wack” GUI
  • Exclusive features in Mr. Alias Pro include:
    • Better-sounding “Pro” GUI with realistic wood sides
    • Skinnable
    • Integrated MIDI keyboard – play with mouse or QWERTY keys (right-click to hold a note)
    • Modulation of internal parameters from audio input, envelopes, etc
    • Extra assignable envelope and two LFOs
    • Glide and Retrigger for legato playing in Mono mode
    • Set each oscillator to a constant pitch, ignoring MIDI note value
    • New bank of patches
    • And much more! (not really)

More information: Insert Piz Here