Intuitive Audio has announced the release of Chord Composer, a new chord progression plugin for Mac.

Similar to plugins like Scaler and InstaChord, Chord Composer allows you to create fully customizable chord progressions.

The Chord Composer is an extremely powerful MIDI FX plug-in which enables you to quickly and intuitively create fully customisable chord progressions with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

You can even assign the Chord Composer to control your favourite VST / AU instruments! Simply add an instance to a track in your workstation, reroute the MIDI Output, compose your progressions, then hear them play back in real time.

Chord Composer features

  • Fully customizable chord progression builder.
  • MIDI sequencing for live DAW playback.
  • Two rhythmic pattern generators.
  • Chord playing and recording through single MIDI note triggering.
  • Full MIDI editing.
  • Intuitive chord editing to customize chord structures and voicings.
  • Drag and drop MIDI file export to DAWs.

Chord Composer is currently available in VST and AU plugin formats for Mac only, priced at £40 GBP.