Markleford Friedman

June of 2007 marked the the 5 year anniversary for Markleford’s continuous contributions to the KVR Music Contest. So for this month the idea was to create a musical piece that pays tribute to Markleford.

Markleford has done many memorable tracks in the past five years, but a personal favorite of mine is actually the one marking Markleford’s 5 year anniversary, Five Year Waltz to Suicide.

My tribute started out with this song as an inspiration, originally doing the theme melody with a piano soundfont. I later replaced the piano by a nice Synth1 patch from one of Ouroboros’ Synth1 banks, and recorded a Squier guitar (japanese silver series) for the bass sounds. (I lowered the samples 1 octave after recording).

Unfortunately my project file got corrupted beyond recovery after a computer crash just when I was almost finished with it, so I had to redo the whole thing. It came out a bit different but still has the intended vibe.

You can download the song below:

 core - five (Download size: 1.69 MB)

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