Liquidclear Flux Interruptor VST

Liquidclear has released Flux Interruptor, a freeware FSU plug-in, built with SynthEdit.

Flux Interruptor is a glitchy modulated delay with a built in LP filter.


  • Delay Time: Set the delay time division based on your host’s tempo
  • Tweak: Variation of ‘interrupt’ modulation
  • Interupt Amount of ‘interrupt’ modulation sent to delay
  • Feedback: Amount of delay repeats
  • LFO Period: LFO time period based on your host’s tempo
  • LFO Depth: Amount of LFO sent modulate delay and filter
  • Filter Mod: Amount of interrupt/LFO modulation sent to filter cutoff
  • Cutoff: Lowpass filter cutoff frequency
  • Q: Lowpass filter resonance amount
  • Mix: Wet/Dry effect blend
  • Volume: Overall level of plugin’s output

Flux Interruptor comes with 16 presets to get you started.

Visit Liquidclear for more information and a link to download Flux Interruptor.