LiquidSonics has released version 1.500 of Reverberate, a highly efficient convolution reverb audio processor offering true zero-latency operation for two separate, stereo impulse responses.

Reverberate seeks to provide a richer and more dynamic sounding reverb from impulse responses by optionally modulating an amalgamation of two, separately controllable true stereo IRs using an LFO. Further modulation is possible using the post-processing effects; an all-pass interpolator chorus provides a fuller sound and an over-sampled analogue prototype paragraphic equaliser is provided with dual LFOs. These features make for a livelier sound than typically associated with some convolution reverbs, at a very competitive price.

Changes since Reverberate v1.410

  • All [1.500]: New stereo delay modules incorporating delay line modulation and tempo sync added to the IR1, IR2 and master signal paths.
  • All [1.500]: Some factory default presets have been updated to use the new delay module.
  • All [1.419]: Additional denormal protection to reduce CPU load under some conditions.
  • All: Faster loading of FXB files from the user interface.
  • OS X AU [1.418]: Save as FXB now sets the initial preset to patch in the file to patch 1.
  • OS X [1.418]: A crash bug on some systems when using the eject button is now resolved.
  • All [1.417]: Processing indicators have been added to all tabs (they were previously only shown on the IR1/IR2 tabs) to show activity during preset changes.
  • All [1.417]: The currently selected preset number in the radio brower did not always correctly update.
  • All [1.417]: The post-EQ LFO was incorrectly timed when operating above 44.1kHz.
  • All [1.416]: Fixed an issue with the VST-RTAS beta period expiration date preventing the demo from running correctly under the VST-RTAS wrapper.
  • OS X [1.416]: Better handling of lost file user interaction mechanisms.
  • OS X [1.415]: An additional default search path is included for /Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/LiquidSonics/Reverberate/Factory-flac/ so if the flac compatibility presets package is installed it is not necessary to update all song files with the new location for the old flac files.
  • OS X [1.414]: Bug fix for new installations introduced in v1.413.
  • All [1.413]: Increased maximum IR length.
  • OS X [1.413]: Presets files now stored in `/Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/LiquidSonics` to follow the typical Mac convention.
  • OS X [1.413]: Default presets now use wav instead of flac due to compatibility issues on some Macs. Links to the previous flac files are provided on the website support page.
  • OS X AU [1.412]: Some hosts did not correctly restore the correct program in a bank when a song/project file is loaded. This is fixed in saves from this version and beyond though any old saves will still exhibit the incorrect behaviour in affected hosts.
  • OS X AU [1.411]: Host calls to reset the audio line now cause the plug-in buffers to be flushed (e.g. manually moving the transport position in Logic).
  • OS X [1.411]: Additional graphics check to resolve a crash bug in Logic 9.1.1 under 10.5.8.

Reverberate is available to purchase as an effect plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS beta), priced at £30 GBP.

More information: LiquidSonics