Mildon Studio has released Lemonstrum 3, a virtual acoustic guitar strummer instrument for Windows.

Lemonstrum 3 is quite different from most acoustic guitar strummers. Unlike previous versions, this one is primarily a chord sample player. Each of the 12 keys on the keyboard (A-G#) triggers the chord you assign to it. You can load up to three samples (different strokes) of the same chord for each trigger, which Lemonstrum will then play alternately whenever you press the key. A light press will play a scratch effect.

It is pre-loaded with power chords or “fifths,” which blend well with both major and minor chords. You can also mic your own guitar and record three downstrokes of the chord that you want and load them into Lemonstrum 3.

Lemonstrum 3 is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC, priced at $8 USD. It comes free with a purchase of the recently released HUE-X (valid through December 31, 2009).