MoMinstruments has announced an update to the Elastic FX 4-channel multi-effects processor for iOS.

The app is designed to be easy and intuitive to play, yet it offers complex options to shape the sound and to route the audio effects stream.

Connect EFX to any input source, like the devices built in microphone, an external keyboard or guitar (iPad soundcard needed) or to your favorite iOS drum machine or synthesizer via Inter-App Audio or Audiobus. Or import a soundfile into the app and alienate it with with up to 4 different effects at the same time!

Changes in Elastic FX v1.4

  • Midi Setup gets stored now for each preset.
  • Ability to change several Parameters with only one Midi Controller.
  • Ability to switch direction and the impact amount of a Midi Controller.
  • Midified most Master FX Knobs.
  • Bugfix: Loss of deep frequency power.

Elastic FX is on sale at a 50% discount, priced only $4.99 USD until April 22nd, 2022.

More information: MoMinstruments