Mystery Islands has released version 1.1.6 of its JP-80×0 Editor Plug-In for Mac.

You ever wanted to control, automate & work with your Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 the way this modern world requires? Now it’s possible with our AU / VST plugin that allows you to get your Hardware into your modern DAW.

We developed this plugin together with Arto Vaarala who’s long experience with coding made all this possible. This plugin is great even if your JP-8000 / JP-8080 is broken (knobs & sliders not working).

Changes in JP-80×0 Editor Plug-In v1.1.6

  • All knob movements from Hardware can be seen visually in Plugin user interface.
  • All button / menu selections are updated to the Plugin user interface as well.
  • Added delay between outgoing SysEx packages, so the data is handled correctly.
  • Added All Notes Off (CC#123) message to prevent hanging notes while changing patches.
  • Fixed value displays for Tempo, OSC 2 range and Fine tuning knobs.
  • New knobs added to replace the old ones.
  • Storing patches to the hardware unit is now possible.
  • Soundset by Alan Marcero included.

The plugin is available to purchase for Mac (VST/AU) for 49.95 EUR. A VST version for Windows is in development.

More information: Mystery Islands / JP-80×0 Editor Plug-In