Numerical Audio has released its RF-1 algorithmic reverb for Windows and Mac. Like the RP-1 dual digital delay, this effect was first released for iOS.

Numerical Audio RF 1 Reverb desktop

RF-1 comes with multiple algorithmic reverb models to choose from including but not limited to classic Hall and Plate algorithms, an Ensemble and TremoloVerb capable of creating huge, modulated spaces and last but not least a Vintage algorithm modelled after the very first digital reverbs from the late 70s.

RF-1 Algorithmic Reverb features

  • 5 Unique Reverb models (Hall, Plate, Ensemble, Tremolo & VintageVerb).
  • Dedicated Space and Color sections.
  • Continuously variable Size and Decay.
  • Adjustable Pre-Delay & Diffusion.
  • High & Lowpass Shelving Filters.
  • Modulation Controls.
  • Stereo spread control and full stereo operation throughout.

RF-1 (VST/AU) is available for the intro price of $14.50 USD until September 13th, 2017 (50% of regular).

More information: Numerical Audio / RF-1 Algorithmic Reverb