Prominy releases SC Electric Guitar

Prominy SC Electric Guitar

Prominy has released SC Electric Guitar, a virtual electric guitar instrument featuring over 64 GB (approx. 123,000 samples) to bring you the true sound of Fender® Stratocastrer®.

SC Electric Guitar features

  • Incredible real-time playability – SC SPM (Super Performance Multi).
  • All the five pick-up positions can be reproduced.
  • Real chords – the extensive number of the ‘real’ pre-recorded chord samples.
  • Auto Stroke Detection.
  • Feedback.
  • Assignable Key Switch.
  • Double-Tracking.
  • The lower note samples (low C – low D#) are included.
  • Direct signals from the guitar.
  • Perfect sampled sounds of all fret positions on every string.
  • Picking noises are recorded in multiple forms on all frets and strings.

SC Electric Guitar is available now for an introductory price of $319 USD (available through 04/30/2008, MSRP is $399 USD).

Visit Prominy for more information and audio demos.

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“Direct signals from the guitar.” Whenever someone uses a DI box to record guitar or bass it always is far inferior to using a real amp and a microphone. The sound is sterile, it lacks punch, and kills the unique tone of the instrument making it generic sounding because the differences between pickups (single coil/humbucker) are minimized. I’ve recorded my own sample libs and I just don’t bother with DI any more because they sound so bad. The demos for this particular set of samples conveniently hide the sound of the guitar by smothering it in a band, there are… Read more »

Nothing will ever kill real music. Also, it’s awesome if you don’t have the chance to play real instruments or can’t play good enough to record it, ’cause then you can create masterpieces (if you know how) with vsti’s and that’s awesome.