QuikQuak Pitchwheel

QuikQuak has released Pitchwheel, a real-time pitch changing plug-in for Windows and Mac.

From the product page:

You can of course use it static, to create odd alien sounds, and character changes. Dopler effects can be easily simulated, or just use it to alter background atmospheres in real-time to get them just right.

Pitchwheel features

  • Changes the pitch but not the length of a sound.
  • Large and easy to to use, ideal for experiments and live performances.
  • Full range adjustments from one semitone to an octave up or down.
  • Unique intertia parameters for springy vibrato effects.
  • Sample accurate changes prevent stepped pitch changes.
  • Phase locked for stereo sounds.
  • Buffer size changes, allows quality adjustments for vocal or percusion.
  • Great visual feed-back with semitone snap, and actual pitch indicator.
  • Extremely low CPU.

Visit QuikQuak for more information, audio demos and a link to download a demo version of Pitchwheel.