Renoise has launched BeatBattle V: Underwater, the fifth edition of Renoise’s official music competition.

Despite its name, the competition focuses on themes rather than on beats. The entries are made available in Renoise format to enjoy and learn from.

Renoise BeatBattle V: Underwater

A samplepack for this competition has been created by yOUTH, the winner of BeatBattle 2. The pack contains 37 samples which you can use in any way you want.

According to the rules you can also use your own samples (recorded or VST renders) if you like.

Renoise 1.8’s biggest new features is the sample recorder. Renoise songs with vocals and live instruments are few and far between, which makes us a bit sad. That is why we allow you to create and use your own samples, either by recording them or by rendering VSTs.

The deadline for submitting your song is June 1st and there are many prizes to be won, including software by Camel Audio, Crysonic and Wusik.

Visit the Renoise website for more details on this competition.