Rob Papen has announced an update to the RAW-Kick, the kick drum instrument plugin for Windows and Mac.

The update comes with 45 brand new kick presets by Frontliner aka “the Melodyman”.

In a very short period of time RAW-Kick became a standard for creating kick drums and especially for the harder music styles such as Hardcore, Hardstyle and Rawstyle music!

Various famous DJ’s and producers have already provided presets for RAW-Kick and now we proudly present a brand new hard hitting sound set from – Frontliner-!!

So please download the latest version of RAW-Kick to obtain these 45 inspirational presets by – Frontliner- Inside the bank is you will notice a preset called “Butterfly Kick” which is used in his soon to be released track “Butterfly”!

RAW-Kick is available from Rob Papen and distributor Plugin Boutique for $79 USD / 79 EUR.

More information: Rob Papen