Rob Papen has announced that its eXplorer 5 bundle will soon be updated with the upcoming Vecto software synthesizer.

Rob Papen Vecto

Previously available as a Rack Extension instrument for Reason, the Vecto synth will be available in native plugin formats for Windows and Mac this February.

Keep your calendars clear as possible as on the 18th of February we will release our new VST/AU/AAX synthesizer called Vecto and it also will be part of the eXplorer-5 bundle!

So please check out the upgrade options below so that you can already enjoy our very inspirational plugins!

Vecto was originally created for the Propellerhead Reason RE platform, however we have received many requests aksing if this great synthesizer also could be available for other platforms. So this is now going to happen very soon!

eXplorer 5 costs 499 USD/EUR, with upgrade options starting as low as 49 USD/EUR.

The bundle is available from the Rob Papen website, as well as distributors Time+Space and Plugin Boutique.