Patrik Skoog of Sample+Hold has released the free Distant Signals sample pack, a collection of 420 loops and oneshots designed for adding atmosphere and background texture to your Techno music productions.

Patrik Skoog Distant Signals

The pack has a focus on FM synthesis with sound sources including synthesizers such as Make Noise 0-Coast, Moog Sub-37, MFB Dominion and Waldorf Blofeld.

A while back I asked here if anyone would be interested in a sample pack with oneshots. There was alot of interest so I’ve finished a medium sized collection of sounds, and it’s free for you to download now. The .zip contains about 500MB of 24bit WAV files.

The hits/oneshots and longer loopable backgrounds are recorded with synths & outboard FX. The original BPM is 130, but the idea is that you can use these in any way you can think of, or mangle the crap out it in your DAW or sampler. I hope it will feed your techno-making creativity.

It’s all free to use in any commercial productions, and no sign up is necessary.

Distant Signals features

  • 371 Oneshot Samples.
  • 38 Textures & Backgrounds.
  • Sound demo.

The sample pack is a free download from Audiobombs.

More information: Distant Signals