Audio Plugin Deals has announced a sale on the Manic Compressor and Imperial Delay audio effect plugins by Boz Digital Labs, offering 80% off regular for a limited time.

APD Boz Digital Manic Compressor and Imperial Delay

MANIC COMPRESSOR is not only manic, but also has multiple personalities—six to be precise, each one providing its own unique character. Manic Compressor addresses the creative needs of mix engineers in ways that no other compressor does. Its ability to instantly switch between compressors models without changing settings lets you can choose the most effective compressor for the job without losing perspective or valuable mix time.

IMPERIAL DELAY comprises a highly versatile dual-layer delay with multi-effects, giving you a range that can go anywhere from smooth and warm vintage delay to Gremlins from hell, or the far reaches of outer spatial.

The bundle of both plugins is on sale for only $59.99 USD through February 25th, 2020 (regular value $297.99 USD). Additionally, the full amount of a purchase will be added to your Rewards Wallet for use in The Shop.

The plugins are also available separately for $44.99 USD each during the promotion.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals