Softube FET Compressor

Softube has released FET Compressor, a compressor plug-in for Windows and Mac.

When creating FET Compressor, Softube set out to make the most accurate emulation of the most famous solid state compressor. Instead of modeling individual features and putting them together digitally we have modeled the unit in its entirety: input and output stages, gain reduction feedback loops, bias differences of different transistors, etc. It’s been by far the hardest project we have taken on, but we feel that the result speaks for itself. And hopefully it will be easier to do it the next time (yeah right).

FET Compressor features

  • Modeled analog compressor, input and output stages. Modeled everything
  • Modeled “All buttons in” mode
  • Continuous ratio (even between 20:1 and ALL.)
  • Super fast attack time (just like the original)
  • Sweet input and output stage distortion
  • Parallel compression
  • Detector low and high cut filters
  • External side chain
  • Lookahead
  • Stereo with synchronized gain reduction
  • Very CPU friendly

FET Compressor is available in a Native version (includes VST/AU/RTAS formats) for $279 USD, and a TDM version (includes TDM/VENUE/VST/AU/RTAS formats) for $449 USD. A demo is available for download (iLok required).

Visit Softube for more information.