Sonic Sirius has introduced the New Wave Soundset, a collection of 113 presets for the free Vital spectral warping wavetable synthesizer instrument by Vital Audio.

The sounds are geared towards Ambient, Electro, EDM, Trance, World, and modern synth music.

Many thanks to the Vital Spectrum team for this Musical instrument. The Vital Spectral Instrument is a new shining star in the synthesizer sky! It is an intelligent machine made with the latest computer technology with human mind and knowledge. With a lot of patience and hard work and love for music.

It’s really fun to work with the Vital Spectral, absolutely user-friendly, clear. Graphical User Interface, drag and drop workflow, resizeable, great Modulation.concept, good Sound Quality, Preset Browser, and much more.

The pack includes:

  • 113 Presets (*.Program Vital).
  • 21 Gate LFOs (*.VITALLFO).
  • Tempo: 120 bpm.
  • Uses Modular Wavetables and Core Tables by Echo Sound Works (free).

More information: Sonic Sirius