Status has announced the release of New Moon, a new version of highly acclaimed Moon soundset by Daniel Stawczyk, which is now fully compatible with the Ultra Analog VA-3 synthesizer by Applied Acoustics Systems.

For this update, presets have been revised, altered and categorized.

The collection now comprises a total of 200 one-layered presets and 61 multimbral presets with 4 controllers (modwheel, timber, envelope and effect) carefully mapped.

New Moon features

  • 61 unique multimbral presets.
  • 26 inspiring arps.
  • 30 unique special effects.
  • 6 pad formants.
  • 3 light keys.
  • 36 varied leads.
  • 12 lush organs.
  • 36 rich pads.
  • 7 spiky plucks.
  • 16 inspiring rhytymics.
  • 4 texture strings.
  • 18 travelling sweeps.
  • 4 background textures

The soundset available for the intro price of $19.99 USD (regular $28.99 USD). Owners of Moon 2, VA Pack or AMP Bundle can get New Moon at a 70% discount.

You can download a demo pack with some free presets from the product page.

More information: Status