Steinberg has announced the release of the 4Knob PopD by SampleTekk, providing a massive 5 GB of grand piano samples, recorded with an exclusive collection of vintage hardware in up to 26 velocity layers.

Sporting a mere four rotary knobs, the library for HALion lets you shape the piano sounds quickly and easily, making them tailored to your individual requirements.

When creativity strikes, the 4Knob PopD by SampleTekk is there for you. With more than 80 inspiring presets, designed by Grammy winner Niklas Flyckt, and only four rotary controls, you have a fast and convenient way to shape the amazing sound of a great German piano.

And to inspire your creativity even more, it was recorded in Stockholm with an exclusive collection of vintage gear by Neumann, Fairman, Telefunken, Roland and many more.

The HALion instrument library costs 69.99 EUR incl. 21% VAT.

More information: Steinberg