Toontrack Monster MIDI Pack 3 - Fills

Toontrack Music has announced the release of Monster MIDI Pack 3 – Fills, a collection of MIDI drum fills.

Toontrack Music proudly announce that Monster Drummer Peter Fredlander is back with the third package in the Monster MIDI series – Monster MIDI Pack 3 – Fills!

Boasting more than 450 individually played fills with drum beats leading up to them, hierarchically organized by level of intensity and difficulty, this is a given must-have in your arsenal of MIDI and a shot of adrenalin to your creativity and songwriting! These fills and lead-ins will spice up your drum tracks like never before!

Monster MIDI Pack 3 – Fills features

  • More than 450 individually played MIDI files.
  • Long fills with lead-in grooves.
  • Short fills with lead-in grooves.
  • Fills only.
  • Arranged with increasing level of intesity.
  • Fills that suit anything from pop to metal.
  • Straight / Swing 4/4.
  • Works with EZdrummer®, Superior Drummer® or any GM compatible drum kit (optimized for 1 kick, 1 snare, 2 toms, 1 floortom, 2 crash-cymbals, 1 ride-cymbal).

Monster MIDI Pack 3 – Fills is available for purchase as a download for 15 EUR.

More information: Toontrack / Monster MIDI Pack 3 – Fills