Voxengo has released version 1.1 of PrimeEQ, a parametric equalizer effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

PrimeEQ was designed to be the first equalizer to reach for when track or mix equalization is necessary: just insert the plug-in, put and drag the control points to the desired positions.

Voxengo PrimeEQ

PrimeEQ implements an extremely optimized user interface. It features an innovative “differential” filter display which shows you how exactly a given selected filter contributes to the overall EQ shape. All control points are placed on the overall EQ shape making the workflow with this equalizer fast and efficient.

PrimeEQ is similar to CurveEQ in this respect except that PrimeEQ uses independent parametric filters instead of a continuous EQ curve.

PrimeEQ features deeply customizable spectrum analyzer of the same high quality as found in SPAN, GlissEQ, and other Voxengo plug-ins.

Changes in PrimeEQ v1.1

  • Added ProTools 12+ AAX-64 support.
  • Added automation parameters for up to 5 bands.
  • Added the bypass switch.
  • Added the master output gain control.

PrimeEQ for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for $49.95 USD. A demo version of PrimeEQ can be downloaded freely at the Voxengo website.

More information: Voxengo / PrimeEQ