Westgate Sounds SOA - Permutations of Shadows

Westgate Sounds has released the first volume of SOA – Permutations of Shadows, a SoundFont sample library.

While making some multi presets for the new V6 Anomaly VSTi, I discovered I wanted the ability to make new sounds from the presets already existing. So I got the idea to sample every single preset in the Anomaly sound volumes, starting with 1, IV and VI – the FX/Textures sounds. This will become a huge sample pool from which I can produce new morphed and mangled Textures.

Once I started the sampling process I realized something else – the .sf2 owners of Anomaly never got any of the presets, just the raw sounds.

SOA can either stand for Son of Anomaly or Sounds of Anomaly – you decide. But it will bring the sounds of the presets to .sf2 owners.

SOA – Permutations of Shadows features

  • Collection of 9 .sf2 files of 128 sounds each for a total of 1152 sounds.
  • SOA Set 1 (available now):
    • 128 preset sounds from the Dimension Pro version of Anomaly 1 and IV (94 MB)
    • 128 preset sounds from the Absynth version of Anomaly 1 and IV (91 MB)
    • 128 preset sounds from the Dimension Pro and Absynth versions of Anomaly VI (89 MB)
  • SOA Set 2 will be the Rapture and Kontakt sampled presets.
  • SOA Set 3 will be the Wusikstation/Anomaly VSTi sampled presets.

The SOA Set 1 is now available to purchase for $20 USD.

More information: Westgate Sounds