ZooZither Voltage

ZooZither has released Voltage, a collection of analog synth drum samples.

ZooZither brings you Voltage – 128 samples of pure analog goodness rolled into a Battery 3 kit!

Note the samples are saved separately from the Battery 3 kit, so you have full access to the samples to use in any other software or hardware that can load .wav files.

Voltage features

  • 128 samples, 16 bit 44.1 khz.
  • 47 kicks, 28 snares, 12 hihats, 7 toms, 7 drums, 11 percussion, 16 fx.
  • Total Sample Size: 2.5 MB; Zip file download size (samples + Battery 3 kit): 2.1 MB.

Voltage is available to purchase for $7 USD.

Visit ZooZither for more information.