New Sonic Arts Giveaway: Win Nuance, Vice & Granite creative tools

New Sonic Arts launched about 5 years ago with the Granite granular texture generator. This unique instrument was later joined by the Nuance creative sampler and Vice loop slicer/sampler.

At New Sonic Arts, our mission is to define a new standard in audio software. That means the best possible sound algorithms combined with inspiring, next-generation user interfaces.

New Sonic Arts Nuance

Nuance is the powerful sampler that you will love to plug-in again and again.

Equally capable as both an instrument and drum sampler, Nuance has all your essential sampling needs covered. The compact and streamlined interface gets you straight into the creative flow, and with extensive modulation possibilities, modular FX, a full-blown map editor and unlimited parameter groups, the power for advanced sound design and instrument construction is waiting to be explored.

New Sonic Arts Vice

Vice is the inspiring loop sampler that will transform the way you work with loops and phrases.

Simply drop in a loop to immediately sync it to your host, or instantly map the individual slices across your MIDI keyboard. Then delve a little deeper to discover a wealth of loop-sculpting features such as per-slice envelopes, FX and modulation routing. Whether you need to subtly fine-tweak a groove, or totally transform a loop into completley new material, Vice is the tool you are looking for.

New Sonic Arts Granite

Granite is the truly unique sound engine ready to teleport you deep into new sonic territory.

Discover a world of evolving textures, haunting atmospheres and shifting soundscapes – from warped and twisted timbres, to beautiful shimmering pads. As users all over the world will testify, Granite never fails to inspire, and granular synthesis has never been so musical, immediate, or easy to use.

The giveaway

New Sonic Arts is giving readers a chance to win these wonderful tools.

All you need to do is to leave a comment below before Wednesday, June 10th, 2015, 12pm CET. We will pick 3 random winners to win one of the following prizes:

  1. New Sonic Suite (bundle of Granite, Nuance & Vice).
  2. A choice of either Granite XL or Nuance XL.
  3. A choice of either Granite, Nuance or Vice.

The New Sonic Arts instruments are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone).

Good luck!

More information: New Sonic Arts

Producers Choice
  • roland_rock

    Well I’m in! I’d love to win a copy of Granite.

  • Antal Nusselder

    Nice! Hope I win :)

  • groov

    great :)

  • Pavel

    let me try :)

  • Johnan 城南 Rotten

    I’ve known Granite is great.

  • Prof.Logik

    let’s give this a go…good luck everyone.

  • Thank you for this opportunity, it looks impressive!

  • Ally Sounds

    NICE!!! I hope to win it!

  • pottering

    Thanks for the chance!

  • cheesemaster

    I’ve been keeping a close watch on these products since their inception into the market. I’m particularly drawn to the simple, yet- elegant GUI’s of these products. I have Kontakt-5- as well as other software sample players, but I’m rarely motivated to use it to create my own sounds, because Kontakt is cumbersome to program when I’m looking to make custom sounds quickly.

    Nuance: looks like it could be my “GO TO” sample player, when I need to make sounds rapidly with a no nonsense workflow. I’ve been waiting for a no-brainer type sale…but, winning a copy would literally make me do cartwheels!!!!

  • Andreas Fichtner

    comment! :D thx for a chance to win this nice plugins.

  • Tom Clark

    I prefer to think of my vices as granite nuances.

  • florianjay

    i like the user interface, it looks simple but mighty

  • Wald_fx

    I have a very good feeling about this…

  • I hereby command the universe ftw!

  • Kai Herrmann

    merci for the chance : )

  • Looks like something even I could figure out! :)

  • Dave Thomas

    Great. Nice giveaway.

  • DoctorBob

    Hey! This is awesome! Please add my name to the hat. Hope I am lucky as this will certainly boost my arsenal of “goto synths”. Thanks for the offer guys – dB

  • Joey Sherrett

    I.. Need Vice!! Haha awesme plugins. New Sonic Arts has done a great job

  • electricthing

    Nice stuff!

  • MrVision

    Another great giveaway Ronnie!

  • 3ee

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog! ;D

  • Al

    Granite is amazing… One of my favorite soft synths.

  • aaron bergman

    Whole grain goodness in every byte

  • Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • Granite looks sexy… never thought I’d put those words together like that

  • Jackcole

    These are amazing plugs its a shame daws dont implement these as standards

  • Maxfell

    I think all three are unique and powerful tools! Thanks for giveaway!

  • noblogo

    granite sounds cool, a kind of real time extremestretch

  • Caligari

    An exciting set of tools, definitely!

  • Martijn

    Great giveaway I can never have enough granular synthesis

  • alltrance66

    Would be nice to get this awesome tools!

  • Frucht Blaeser

    cooooool giveaway :D …much genius creative tools :) …

  • Anatolyj_B

    It must be fat

  • Babis Trihos


  • Peter Teipe

    Looks like a cool plugin.

  • Erik Løvaas

    Demoed these, so cool! Would love a copy. Have some serious need for extraordinary creative tools like these :) And these actually have really good GUIs too. Know a guy who sold Battery for Nuance.

  • John Koranek

    Knock, knock, knock, “Me!”
    Knock, knock, knock, “Me!”
    Knock, knock, knock, “Me!”
    “Thank you.”

  • Mark Jones

    Slicers and choppers and granulars, oh my!

  • Crystal Craft

    Granite could be quite useful in creating atmospheric music and soundscapes. Demo sounds were interesting.

  • ClaRago

    Three perfect complementary products.

  • Stefan Lang

    That looks like a good tool. may I have iT?

  • chris

    Let me win

  • Gareth Mage

    Great tools with great workflow. I will win them…

  • Paweł


  • Mr T

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • staudtgc


  • nathanj

    A very generous giveaway. Granite is by far one of the best Granular effects/synths I have ever heard. Very curious about Looper. Hope I win them all!

  • RT

    I love what the new tech brings to musical options. It makes life so much easier.

  • Stephen Donohue

    Haven’t tried these yet, but they look very interesting. Could see them fitting in to the workflow quite well.

  • Abhijit

    The description is very intersting
    I would Like to use it, to enhance my sound scapes in my Live shows

  • billcarroll

    I’ve been looking at these amazing tools from New Sonic Arts for a while now. Sign me up! :)

  • OutsideLookingIn

    Would love to win one of these!

  • comment

  • spidergod

    Would love the chance to win this competition.

  • stevenwagenheim

    Sure, would love a chance to win. Good luck to all the entrants.

  • Bill Smith

    Great products! I’d love to own them. =]

  • Deisss

    Such a good prizes, i’m in !!!!

  • tre

    The tools have been on my radar for a while now, they look REALLY COOL!!

  • Torben Korgaard Hansen

    Great set of tools!

  • Luke Inglis

    Here’s my hat in the ring…

  • Ravn Revheim

    Wohoo! Would absolutely love to have these in my arsenal…

  • r3corder

    Great plugins!

  • Untitled Untitled


  • svrc

    Wow!!! Great giveaway!!!

  • Ray Johnson

    I could use some Nuance…

  • Timur Arynov

    Nice tools!

  • James Yasha Cunningham

    Were I to win these tools, I would very likely bring peace to the world and ensure that everyone has access to fried chicken.

  • Stipes Vigilo

    Definitely some tools I would like to add to my system.

  • F. Ricci

    I don’t know one of this tools, but it seems very interessing.

  • Teresa Vasques

    I am the WINNER!!!!

  • taumusic

    cant find my first comment :(

  • James Ulph

    In it, to win it!

  • Krzysztof Szychowski

    Thanks for the give-away.Best of luck to all.

  • Lost Machines

    Awesome…count me in.

  • Alexandre Néron

    Nice : count me in!

  • Jonathan Brown

    Granite sounds pretty cool in the demos :)

  • Rudi van Greunen

    Winning XL

  • Mario Severin

    So great plugs so little spare time. But if I win… ;-)

  • Mirek

    Very usefull plugins.

  • John Ov3rblast

    Super tools !

  • Pick me, pick me!

  • Arnaud Cueff

    Very nice instruments!


    I already own Granite, it’s one of my favourite tools for creating otherwordly textures… A must have!!!

  • Sgmfranko

    Me ! ME!!

  • tjaudio

    checked out the demos, really cool… if i don’t win, i might just have to treat myself!

  • Nhensonjr

    I wanted granite ever since it came out. To win all three would be amazing!

  • UltimateOutsider

    Have had my eye on Nuance and Granite for a while…

  • DHM

    Good stuff.

  • EyesAndFKno

    Anything for inspiration!

  • fdubus

    Incredible giveaway !

  • FrankZ

    Nice Giveaway!

  • Łukasz Walas

    Nice giveaway :)

  • Randolph Rueba

    Granite is my most-used granular synth! There’s always room for a good sampler, tho… :)

  • Erique Claesan

    I have been wanting to try these for a while. Fingers crossed! Thanks!!

  • BB

    Thanks for a chance! Awesome tools, would be happy with any of the prizes, with all of them probably for years. Cheers!

  • Will Blake

    Ever since I had my taste buds shot off in a nasty catapult incident I have been looking for ways to bring exotic flavours into my life. New Sonic Arts are the salt and vinegar my musical life needed…..mmmmmm that’s nice

  • Dave

    were I to win, I’d be the least deserving winner ever. still, I’d like to win.

  • Diego

    And the winner is…

  • Drew Alec

    Sweet giveaway.

  • David Robinson

    I have and use Nuance as a drum sampler and it is great. find it more productive to use than software specifically designed as a drum sampler.

  • Rebecca Foisie

    Giraffes are my favourite.

  • asdubstep

    I’m here for the competition, and my pants. Has anybody seen my pants?

  • Sergey Samarov

    Very cool giveaway

  • Andrulian

    These look great, especially like the look of granite. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Extrajazz

    All three are still very interesting instruments. It would be a hard choice.

  • Darrell Hart

    If I wereto win…. I would provide beautiful music to the world…. And Mars.

  • Akshat Srivastava

    these tools are great for production…….Will loe to have ’em

  • Gero

    I’m a fan.

  • adil

    I’ve been waiting for intuitives tools like that since I have ableton 7

  • steve

    I would Love this !! Awesome!

  • Octavio Pineda

    were I to win, i would designate Sasha grey as world ambassador of peace.

  • Lesha

    I believe in Nuance!

  • And here are the winners.
    stevenwagenheim gets a choice of Granite, Nuance or Vice.
    Lost Machines wins a choice of Granite XL or Nuance XL.
    And Erique Claesan wins the Sonic Suite bundle!


    Thanks to all for playing, see you again next time.

    • Erique Claesan

      Thanks so much!! I’ll put the bundle to good use!

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