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xoxos releases Acoustic

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xoxos Acoustic

xoxos has released Acoustic, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.

Acoustic is a simple acoustic body resonator model, consisting of a first order mass-spring for modeling the Helmholtz or ‘air’ frequency, and a banded waveguide.

Acoustic is a port of the body resonator model from the Boing2 bowed string synthesizer.

Visit xoxos for more information and a link to download Acoustic.


xoxos Spring2 spring reverb

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xoxos Spring2

xoxos has released Spring2, a spring reverb emulation effect plug-in for Windows.

Spring2 uses conventional signal processing techniques to model the well-known spring reverb effect. While significantly more CPU power would be required to achieve closer emulation using this method, especially to model the dispersive characteristics more accurately, this version is intended as a compromise between what is possible and what is sensible, and the impulse response of this effect is generally similar to that of a physical spring.

Spring2 allows the length and dispersive frequency of up to three springs to be configured and includes a non-linearity to model the amplification transformer.

Spring2 is available to purchase as a VST effect plugin for Windows, priced at $10 USD.

More information: xoxos / Spring2


xoxos releases Horizon

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xoxos Horizon

xoxos has released Horizon, a virtual instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

Horizon combines lush stereo unison voicing with a phrase sequencer that stays in key when the sequence is transposed.

This simple format makes Horizon ideal for lead sounds in dance and other styles. The oscillators are also suitable for producing panoramic pads, before any stereo effects are applied to the signal.

Horizon features

  • 2 x 32 voice oscillators with five stereo algorithms.
  • 10 oscillator waveforms including 4 modulating contours (sine, saw, ramp, peak, triangle, square, curve, pulse-saw, sine-saw, res).
  • noise oscillator.
  • per voice prefilter distortion with 6 modes.
  • 2 stereo 6 pole filters run in serial or parallel.
  • 3 tempo syncable LFOs (sine, triangle, ramp, saw, square, dip, hump, 4 curve modes, step rnd, smooth rnd).
  • 3 envelopes.
  • 9 modular destinations.
  • 8 step phrase sequencer which transposes to user input scale.

Horizon is available for purchase for $25 USD. A demo version (limited to two voice polyphony) is available for download here.

Visit xoxos for more information.


xoxos releases brush, cylinder33, ping, reed and snare (VSTi)

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xoxos Brush model
xoxos Cylinder33 model
xoxos Ping model

xoxos has released a package of 5 new models.

Brush was created for generating multiple impulses for use in waveguide modeling. Instead of triggering a single impulse, or initiating an oscillation, a gate event starts a sequence of probability values derived from the seed value that trigger quiet, fast impulses. The chance of a trigger is decreased with time so that various ‘group, cluster’ impulses can be synthesized, such as a group of people clapping, brushes on a drum head, or a handful of gravel hitting a surface.

Cylinder33 is a model in which delay paths are arranged as per the gui diagram, their lengths set per the dimension coefficients. Each path is filtered to model energy dispersion along the path due to conductivity of the material. The outputs of the delays are amplified by the transmission coefficients and fed to other delays in consideration of angle. the coefficients are arranged by “part,” allowing the materials of each part to be described.

Ping generates a sine wave of decaying amplitude by applying an impulse to an attractor.
Useful for some classic analog percussion sounds.

xoxos Reed model
xoxos Snare model

Reed is a basic reed implementation featuring a tuned delay line with inline filter and nonlinearity to model reed, 2 LFOs, 1 envelope and 1 assignable modulation control.

Snare is derived from cylinder33. The implementation in this model is to place one vector at the end of every delay path returning to the center of the drum head. the vector is considered to be at a specified distance below the membrane, and when the membrane oscillates with enough force to strike the “snare,” the snare vibrates, possibly striking the drum head. When the head and the snare meet, they are each affected based on velocity and mass. their coefficients can produce harmonic or enharmonic oscillation.

All models come with detailed information so make sure to read that because some of these models can produce loud noise/feedback at the wrong settings.

Download the zip package here.


xoxos releases Effects Suite 2010, VST plug-ins bundle

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xoxos Effects Suite 2010

xoxos has released the Effects Suite 2010, a bundle of effect plug-ins for Windows.

This bundle is an assortment of standard audio VST effects.. delays, a reverb, filter.. produced for various reasons. The reverb is intended to be a cpu-economising solution for when Ambience VST is too much.. a modulation delay and multiband equaliser provide oversampling for my own applications.. a modulated filter plugin I’ve been using for years.. a filtered static delay that crossfades between stereo and ping pong settings, and a phaser just for the experience of coding a phaser..

Perhaps one or two of these effects may be appealing to most users. For the sake of enterprise I’ve bundled the lot of them at a current price of $10. Why anyone would pay for basic effects is beyond me, however should you choose to purchase the bundle, you’ll find an extra “fun surprise” effect included – the happy meal, or sugary breakfast cereal of consumable VST effects packages.

The xoxos Effects Suite 2010 bundle is available to purchase for Windows PC (VST), priced at $10 USD.

More information: xoxos


xoxos amboea, multi-tap delay effect

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xoxos amboea

xoxos has released amboea, a delay effect plug-in for Windows.

amboea is a multitap/multidelay effect designed for ambient music. it arose from this discussion where i proposed a delay with irregularly spaced echoes. spirit described an effect that had varying synced echoes for ambient music, and this is my interpretation.

amboea features

  • 8 stereo biquad filtered, panned integer delay lines.
  • Serial or parallel configuration.
  • Algorithmic crossfading before or after delay lines.
  • Windowed pitch shifting.
  • Randomised lfo modulation of feedback amount (optionally amp or cutoff).

amboea for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $10 USD until 1 March, 2011 (regular price $15 USD).

More information: xoxos


xoxos releases Standard software synthesizer

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xoxos has released Standard, a synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

xoxos Standard
xoxos Standard

Two pristine bandlimited impulse train BLIT oscillators (and a bonus “seven saws” mode) are combined with a dual stage filter with eighteen filter modes.

Standard is a great choice for classic analog waveforms.

Standard for Windows (VST) is available as part of the xoxos Synthesizer Bundle, priced at $10 USD.

More information: xoxos


xoxos releases Perfecto

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xoxos Perfecto

xoxos has released Perfecto, a freeware virtual analog synth VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Perfecto has two relatively uncommon features:

  1. two audio oscillators cross modulate via pitch (fm) and phase (pm).
  2. pitch to user-scale algorithm that can be used for arpeggio effects.

Note: Perfecto’s oscillators are “unimproved,” with no antialiasing or other usual amenities and pitch or phase modulation of the oscillators uses tons and tons of cpu.

Perfecto features

  • Oscs (4 voices of poly) – Sine, saw, tri and square waveforms, Key (syncing oscillators to NoteOn events), Octave, Tune and Portamento.
  • LFOs – Sine, saw ramp, square and triangle waveforms, synced to key or free running.
  • Scale – main pitch bus is snapped to user-input scale.
  • Filter (H/L/B/R) – When the filter tracking mode button is lit, the filter’s cutoff tracks whatever is coming out of the scaler instead of the played keyboard note.

Visit xoxos for more information and a link to download Perfecto.