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The Unfinished releases Absynth Heliopolis

The Unfinished Absynth Heliopolis

The Unfinished has announced Absynth Heliopolis, a collection of 128 evocative sounds aimed at ambient music, but also perfect for modern film scoring and deep electronica.

“Matt is a master at creating brilliant new sounds. Heliopolis is no exception. It’s one of those banks I wish he wouldn’t sell to anybody else!”
- Sascha Dikiciyan, aka Sonic Mayhem, Composer/Producer (Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, Tron: Evolution, Quake Series)

The collection is full of dark and beautiful pads, soaring and twisting soundscapes, subtle and shifting leads and keys, plus gentle and disturbing synth sequences and basslines.

So, if you’re looking for huge but subtle ambiences, beautiful but disturbed synth noises, then Absynth Heliopolis is the soundset for you.

The soundset is avaialble to purchase for £14.99 GBP. A demo pack of 20 sounds can be downloaded at no cost. Heliopolis requires Absynth 5 (some sounds will not work in Absynth 4) and uses the .nabs format.

More information: The Unfinished / Absynth Heliopolis


The Unfinished releases Massive Darkscore III + 50% off in Birthday Soundset Sale

The Unfinished Massive Darkscore IIII

The Unfinished has announced the release of Massive Darkscore III, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Massive Darkscore III features 128 patches for NI Massive that are perfect for modern filmscoring, atmospheric electronica and bass-heavy dubstep.

This time there are more thudding basslines and punchy drumloops – as well as the usual growly basses, soaring pads and otherworldly soundscapes.

Massive Darkscore III is perfect for providing cutting edge sounds to enhance your projects, whether you need more air, more low end, or just more drive. And with fully automated macros across each patch, the inspiration and possibilities are limitless.

The soundset is available to purchase for £14.99 GBP.

The Unfinished has also launched a Birthday Soundset Sale on its previously released soundsets.

So full of the birthday spirit am I that I have decided to put all my soundsets on a 50% off sale – apart from the newly released Massive Darkscore III – you can’t have that half price already! All three soundsets are on sale at half price for the next few days.

So, if you’re in need of new sounds for Massive or Absynth, then you’re in the right place to be.

More information: The Unfinished / Massive Darkscore III


Eclipse Sound Lost Library patches for Absynth updated

Eclipse Sound Lost Library

Eclipse Sound has announced a revised edition of its Lost Library soundset for the Absynth 5 software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

“Lost Library” is a collection of Fantasy / Abstract physical model one-shot sounds, Granular Pads and unconventional Soundscapes textures.

Lost Library features

  • 77 Patches.
  • Setup Manual.
  • .Wav Files Samples.
  • Requires Native Instruments Absynth 5 / NABS format only.

The soundset is available to purchase for $11.95 USD.

More information: Eclipse Sound / Lost Library


The Unfinished releases Absynth Metaspace soundset for NI Absynth

The Unfinished Absynth Metaspace

The Unfinished has announced Absynth Metaspace, a soundset featuring a collection of 128 sounds designed for the extraordinarily deep Absynth by Native Instruments.

The soundset is aimed at modern film scoring, ambient and electronica, but is also versatile enough to be used in many other genres such as chillout and dubstep.

Deep atmospheric pads, swirling emotional soundscapes, subtle bubbling sequences and glitchy basslines; each sound has huge depth and subtlety to it and can really add an extra dimension to your tracks.

Whether you’re trying to create a huge synth soundscape or add some modern flair to your cinematic cues, this soundset has a wide range of track enhancing sound tools that you’ll come back to again and again.

The soundset is available to purchase for £14.99 GBP. A free demo pack is available from The Unfinished’s Free Stuff page. The pack contains both .nabs and .ksd format patches, so can be used with both Absynth 5 and Absynth 4.

More information: The Unfinished / Absynth Metaspace


Native Instruments launches Summer of Sound: 50% off KOMPLETE updates, upgrades & cross-grades

Native Instruments has announced its Summer of Sound special, which offers a 50% discount on most updates, upgrades and crossgrades for its KOMPLETE software instruments and effects in July.

Native Instruments Summer of Sound
All updates, upgrades and cross-grade available for half-price until July 31, 2012.

The special offer comprises updates and upgrades to the KOMPLETE 8 and KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE bundles from previous versions as well as crossgrades for users of MASCHINE, KONTAKT, REAKTOR, and GUITAR RIG KONTROL. Furthermore, discounted updates and upgrades to ABSYNTH 5, BATTERY 3, FM8, GUITAR RIG 5 Pro, KONTAKT 5 and REAKTOR 5 are included in the special, which also extends to the KONTAKT 5 crossgrade for owners of any KONTAKT PLAYER-based third-party instrument as well as the upgrade to SESSION STRINGS PRO for owners of SESSION STRINGS.

The “Summer of Sound” special offers are available at participating retailers and in the NI Online Shop until July 31st, 2012, while stock lasts. Savings described in this press release are calculated on the basis of suggested retail prices (MSRP). Please note that according to our terms and conditions, e-vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with special offers.

More information: Native Instruments / Summer of Sound


Patchpool launches Best of absynthsounds Vol. 2

Patchpool has announced the release of the Best of absynthsounds Vol. 2 soundset for Native Instruments Absynth.

This soundset is the second “best of”-collection of sounds I programmed for Absynth 5 and wich I have published on my website since Decembre 2009. The sounds included in this Bank cover a wide range of ambient soundscapes, pads, drones, more experimental sounds and technoid sequences as you can hear in the demos.

Many of the patches are sample based and make use of the new features introduced in Absynth 5 which are the Cloudfilter, Aetherizer, Super Comb and Filter Feedback. Most patches have many if not all available Macros assigned, you can find more detailed infos about each patch, the licence agreement and installation instructions in the pdf

There are 65 patches and 63 samples (748.3 MB) included. Most samples were produced exclusively for these patches, some were taken from the huge collection of samples I have produced for various soundsets and libraries in the last years. The sample format usually is 48 Khz / 24 Bit some of them are 44.1/16 – 44.1/24 and 48/16.

The soundset is available to purchase for 17 EUR (requires Absynth 5).

More information: Patchpool / Best of absynthsounds Vol. 2


Eclipse Sound releases Lost Library for Absynth

Eclipse Sound Lost Library

Eclipse Sound Design has announced Lost Library, a soundset for the Absynth software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

“Lost Library” is a collection of Surrealistic sounds from all around the world. “Abstract Far East” will take You to the Snow regions of Tibet and Nepal.

Lost Library features

  • 12 [AI] Undefined Hybird Patches.
  • 14 [BL] Mallet/Bell Patches.
  • 7 [BS] Bass Sounds.
  • 18 [PD] Chime, Airy, Deep, Granular Pad Patches.
  • 13 [SC] Soundscapes Patches.
  • Most patches have 6+ macros assigned.
  • Requires Native Instruments Absynth 5 (NABS format only).

The soundset is available to purchase for $9.95 USD.

More information: Eclipse Sound / Lost Library