The Chip Collection releases Alice FM

The Chip Collection has released Alice FM, a presets bank for the Alesis Fusion. Alice FM presets honor the past of Yamaha style keyboards and others are remenesicient of sounds not since seen on the … read more

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Alesis MasterControl now shipping

Alesis has announced it is now shipping the MasterControl, a FireWire audio interface and control surface. MasterControl is a professional audio interface and recording control surface, providing engineers with 44.1 – 192kHz-recording capability via ultra-fast, … read more

Puremagnetik releases Digital Beatboxes

Puremagnetik has released Digital Beatboxes, a collection of four famous old-school digital drum machines. Digital Beatboxes includes classic digital machines that helped define an era in hip-hop, rock and electronica. Now you can tap into … read more

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RetroWare releases micronAU v1.0

RetroWare has released micronAU, an audio unit that allows one to fully control and automate the Alesis Micron synthesizer. As anyone who owns one of these synths knows, it can generate some wicked sounds but … read more

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ReasonBanks releases Analogue Monsters 3

ReasonBanks has released Analogue Monsters 3, a ReFill based on 5 GB multisamples of analogue synths. We are proud to release Analogue Monsters as a vast powerful synthesizer, capable of many inspiring and fresh sounds … read more

Numark announces three new lines of DJ mixers

Numark has announced three new lines of DJ mixers, available in 10-inch tabletop, compact tabletop, and 19-inch rack-mount formats. Each series includes mixers incorporating technologies and functionalities introduced by Numark, including the world’s first multi-channel … read more

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Alesis announces Ableton Live Lite 7 bundling

Alesis has announced it has begun inclusion of Ableton Live Lite 7 with its acclaimed USB and FireWire mixers and audio interfaces. Ableton Live Lite 7 is a revolutionary, multi-award winning music production software solution … read more

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DSK releases mini DrumZ

DSK Music has released mini DrumZ, a freeware drum sample rompler for Windows PC. mini DrumZ features the sounds of the following drum machines: Ace Tone Rhythm Ace, Kakehashi’s pre-Roland sound drum machine. Akai XE8, … read more

Alesis releases M1Active 320 USB

Alesis has released the M1Active 320 USB, a professional USB monitoring system with built-in audio interface. Alesis brings pro-grade USB speaker performance to the computer desktop. M1Active 320 USB speakers enable you to play audio … read more

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midiCTRL – VST Controller for Alesis Micron (Ion) Synthesizer

midiCTRL is a VST (Windows PC) based MIDI-controller for Alesis Micron/Ion synthesizers. midiCTRL supports remote changes and automation of ALL program parameters of the Alesis Micron (Ion). midiCTRL – click image for full screenshot midiCTRL … read more

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