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Sample Katra launches with 5 virtual instruments for Kontakt

Sample Katra Percussion Boss

Sample Katra has launched with the release of 5 new virtual instruments for Kontakt.

Sample Katra is a new company specializing in vintage analog synth instruments for Native Instruments’ Kontakt.

The main aim is to combine the character of vintage analog instruments, with an up to date feature-set for any style of music or sound-design.

“We genuinely hope to offer something a little different and bring to you the ‘katra’ or living spirit of some of our favorite analog synths, drum machines and vintage toys.”

Sample Katra features

  • 24Bit samples.
  • Round robin sampling.
  • Uncompromising sound quality.
  • No additional processing or sweetening.
  • Scripting for Kontakt by Mario Krušelj.
  • Currently available:

All Sample Katra instruments are also available in a limited time bundle offer, priced at $59 USD.

More information: Sample Katra


Sunsine Audio intros Waveshaper Plasticid MkII for iOS

Sunsine Audio Plasticid MkII

Sunsine Audio has announced it has converted Waveshaper’s Plasticid MkII sample library for use with iOS.

The Boss DR-110 is a cute little drum machine from the early 80s, the last analogue one made by Roland. 
The overall sound is very reminiscent to the much praised TR-808 and TR-606. The DR-110 will give you that classic, sought-after sound but with some slight difference and much character. 

Plasticid MkII takes this sample pack one step further, with 120 new samples gathered in 18 kits. This new version aims at coloration and expands the sonic palette of the DR-110, processing it using vintage hardware to shape it up nicely. The cymbals are spitting, the bassdrum is kicking, and the snare and claps tones ranging from dark to bright make each kit acting like a rebirth for the mighty DR-110! Great care has been taken about recording a semi open hat sample for even more expression.

Converted and exclusively available for iOS use (Nanostudio and Beatmaker 2) from Sunsine Audio.

Plasticid MkII for iOS features

  • 120 One Hit Samples.
  • 18 Kits.
  • 18 .bmkz files for Beatmaker 2.
  • 18 .trg files for Nanostudio.
  • Easy Installation Instructions.

Plasticid MkII for iOS is available to purchase for $3.40 USD. The original Wav edition is available from Waveshaper.

More information: Sunsine Audio / Plasticid MkII


Millertone intros SYNDR Volume 1 & CLAP! Live Pack Bundle

Millertone has announced the availability of the SYNDR Volume 1 & CLAP! sound library bundle for Ableton Live.

We’re pleased to offer the SYNDR v1 and CLAP! multi-sample Ableton Live Packs together as a heavily discounted bundle for only $59 USD (download) until April 30.

That’s a $24 (29%) savings. And yes, you can also get the bundle on disc for only $69 USD.

Millertone SYNDR Vol 1 + CLAP! bundle

SYNDR volume 1 features

  • Over 8600 Samples of the Legendary Synare PS-3.
  • Dozens of Drum and Percussion Kits and Menus.
  • Chromatic Instruments (basses, keys, leads and more).
  • 164 Live Clips (drum loops) organized into 26 Sets.
  • 10 Live Sets & 2 Demo Songs.

CLAP! features

  • 2904 Samples of the Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper.
  • 8 Drum Racks.
  • Over 60 Instrument Racks.
  • 363 Simpler Instrument Hits .
  • 129 Live Clips.
  • Two fully arrange Live Sets.

The bundle is available for Ableton Live 8.3 and up (including Live 9).

More information: Millertone


BOSS introduces RC-505 Loop Station

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BOSS has announced the RC-505 Loop Station, the newest addition to its industry-leading lineup of live looping devices.

Boss RC-505 Loop Station
The Boss RC-505, a unique and powerful live performance tool that’s perfect for next-generation loop artists.

Featuring five phrase tracks, onboard effects, rhythms, and a powerful tabletop design that can be easily operated with the hands, the RC-505 is ideally suited for next-generation loop artists such as beatboxers, singers, and club performers. In addition, the RC-505’s extensive MIDI control options and ability to import audio phrases via USB open up a wealth of creative opportunities for all musicians.

RC-505 Loop Station features

  • Tabletop Loop Station that can be operated with the hands, perfect for beatboxers, vocalists, and club performers.
  • Five simultaneous stereo phrase tracks, with dedicated controls and independent volume faders.
  • Wide range of Input FX and Track FX for processing loops, including DJ and sampler-style effects.
  • Independent play mode and tempo sync settings enable a flexible combination of track behaviors and advanced performance options.
  • 99 phrase memories, each containing five phrase tracks, custom effects/playback settings, and more.
  • 85 onboard rhythm patterns, including odd-measure beats.
  • External control via MIDI and optional footswitches or expression pedal.
  • USB for phrase import/export with computers; USB audio/MIDI functionality for integration with DAW software.
  • XLR mic input with phantom power, mono/stereo instrument inputs, and stereo AUX input.

More information: Roland / RC-505 Loop Station


Millertone releases CLAP! Ableton Live Pack

Millertone has announced the release of CLAP!, a multi-sample Ableton Live Pack featuring the sounds of the Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper, an analog clap synthesizer based on the circuit found in the classic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines.

Millertone CLAP!

CLAP! has over 2900 24-bit/44.1kHz samples uniquely divided into three perspectives: the full clap samples, the flam only portion of the claps, and the clap samples minus the flam. These additional sample sets, along with Live’s extensive sound design capabilities, take CLAP! well beyond the sounds of synthesized hand claps.

CLAP! has over 430 presets, including over 360 Drag and Drop hits, and over 60 Instrument Racks that cover everything from the classic sound and functionality of the original hardware to tricked-out instruments that deliver sonic mayhem. Live’s Arpeggiator and Simpler’s Pitch Envelope were used in many of the Instrument Racks, offering a wide range of new and compelling percussion presets. There is even a Drum Rack “trap kit” using nothing but clap samples. The sample sets used in each preset employ eight velocity layers, which translate into instruments that are highly expressive and dynamic.

To round things out, there are 129 Live Clips for use as starting points in compositions. These include drum grooves, rhythm beds and evolving textures. There are also two fully arranged Live Sets which demonstrate just what CLAP! can do.

The CLAP! library is available to purchase for $14 USD.

More information: Millertone / CLAP!


BOSS introduces TE-2 Tera Echo, DA-2 Adaptive Distortion & MO-2 Multi Overtone effect pedals

BOSS has announced three next-generation compact pedals featuring innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP).

Powered by this important new technology, the TE-2 Tera Echo, DA-2 Adaptive Distortion, and MO-2 Multi Overtone pedals deliver an amazing range of dynamic and expressive sonic textures, providing guitarists an exciting new set of tools to dramatically expand their tonal range.

Roland’s innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) analyzes audio signals in many dimensions and applies ideal effects to each. By giving different dynamic changes relative to the input signal in real time, MDP can create bold, all-new sounds with a previously unattainable range of expression.

Roland TE-2, DA-2 & MO-2
Roland TE-2 Tera Echo, DA-2 Adaptive Distortion & MO-2 Multi Overtone pedals.

New BOSS pedals

  • TE-2 Tera Echo — The TE-2 delivers amazing new ambience effects that go far beyond traditional reverb and delay processing. MDP produces an incredibly deep and spacious sound, dramatically enhancing the straight guitar tone without overwhelming it. With simple, familiar stompbox controls and incredible dynamic sensitivity, an extremely wide range of inspiring sounds can be achieved. In addition, the TE-2’s expressive Freeze function allows players to hold the current effect sound for lead backing and unique sound effects.
  • DA-2 Adaptive Distortion — Unlike standard distortion pedals that process the entire guitar signal with a single effect, the MDP-powered DA-2 adapts the sound in real time to create the ideal tone for every register. The result is a rich, musical distortion that plays well all over the guitar neck, from tight, edgy low-string tones to fat, smooth highs. With the power of MDP, the DA-2’s distortion is amazingly responsive to playing dynamics, and every note can be heard with high definition, even when playing two or more notes at the same time.
  • MO-2 Multi Overtone — The MO-2 provides incredibly distinctive and expressive tones only possible with the magic of MDP. Using the guitar’s rich harmonic overtones as a starting point, the MO-2 builds completely unique sounds that enhance and thicken the normal tone. Three different modes offer diverse sound-shaping options, while the DETUNE knob unlocks a wide range of impressive modulation effects. From shimmery multi-string resonance to flute-like transparency to powerful textures reminiscent of organs and synths, the MO-2 brings a variety of all-new dynamic resonance characteristics to guitarists everywhere.

More information: Roland


WaveShaper intros KORG KR-55 and PLASTICID MkII sample packs

WaveShaper KORG KR-55

WaveShaper has announced the release of two new drum sample packs.

The KR-55 pack includes 7 kits with 142 one-shot samples (WAV, 24bit 48khz stereo), from clean and transparent to punchy and saturated.

With its plastic beige enclosure design, the Korg KR-55 looks like a late 70s’ nerd wet dream.

Every single sound from this 1979 preset drum machine is just perfect : snappy snare, punchy bass drum, electronic hi hats and exotic percussions with a retro flavour. Heavily used by early electro bands, its raw sound just fit in any mix and any genre.

The sample pack costs $3.90; a free demo pack is available to download.

WaveShaper Plasticid MkII

The Plasiticid MkII sample pack includes 133 one-shot samples (24bit, 48Khz stereo WAV files) from the Boss DR-110 drum machine.

Plasticid MkII takes the critically-acclaimed Plasticid drumsample pack one step further, with 121 new samples gathered in 15 kits.

This new version aims at coloration and expands the sonic palette of the venerable Boss DR-110, processing it using vintage hardware to shape it up nicely. The cymbals are spitting, the bassdrum is kicking, and the snare and claps tones ranging from dark to bright make each kit acting like a rebirth for the mighty dr-110! Great care has also been taken about recording a semi open hat sample for even more epxression.

The MkII kit is available to purchase for $3.40 USD; The “classic” kit is still available for $1.40 USD. Existing customers can upgrade to MkII version at no cost.

More information: WaveShaper