Sound Dust updates Dulcitone1884 for Kontakt

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Sound Dust has released an updated version of its Dulcitone1884 virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Sound Dust Dulcitone1884
Dulcitone1884² for Kontakt – a multi-sampled rare and beautiful Dulcitone.

This is your chance to to play my lovingly sampled 150 year old antique Dulcitone in all its glory.

70megs, 3 velocity layers and some fancy programming but without the slightly iffy forks and sticking keyboard.

New in Dulcitone1884²

  • 24 dulcitone presets that take advantage of the 3 pages of scripting.
  • 4 octave architecture with control of volume, pan, ADSR and delay per octave group.
  • Note on and note off “thump”.
  • 69 specially made convolution reverb impulses from real spaces (including Glyndebourne Opera House).
  • Round robin sample swapping.
  • MIDI timing jitter for realism.
  • Handwritten instruction manual.

The library is available to purchase for £20 GPB. The update is free for previous owners.

More information: Sound-Dust / Dulcitone1884²


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