Sound Dust updates Dulcitone1884 for Kontakt

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Sound Dust has released an updated version of its Dulcitone1884 virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Sound Dust Dulcitone1884
Dulcitone1884² for Kontakt – a multi-sampled rare and beautiful Dulcitone.

This is your chance to to play my lovingly sampled 150 year old antique Dulcitone in all its glory.

70megs, 3 velocity layers and some fancy programming but without the slightly iffy forks and sticking keyboard.

New in Dulcitone1884²

  • 24 dulcitone presets that take advantage of the 3 pages of scripting.
  • 4 octave architecture with control of volume, pan, ADSR and delay per octave group.
  • Note on and note off “thump”.
  • 69 specially made convolution reverb impulses from real spaces (including Glyndebourne Opera House).
  • Round robin sample swapping.
  • MIDI timing jitter for realism.
  • Handwritten instruction manual.

The library is available to purchase for £20 GPB. The update is free for previous owners.

More information: Sound-Dust / Dulcitone1884²


Sound Dust releases dULCITONE1900 sample library

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Pendle Poucher of Sound Dust has released the dULCITONE1900 sample library.

It’s taken an age, but I’ve finally managed to birth a lovely sister to Dulcitone1884. This one is a 16-year younger beauty with a slightly jinglier and more even tone which really compliments the butch woody clunk of the 1884 version.

Think of dULCITONE1900 as Keira Knightly and Dulcitone1884 as Kristin Scott Thomas…..or maybe whatshisface in Twilight to George Clooney.

I’ve gone to town with the sampling, seven velocity layers of binaural recording add up to around 500mb of samples. There’s a wee video of her in action which tells you more about her than I can put into words.

dULCITONE1900 is available for Kontakt 3 and above (full version required), EXS, Ableton Sampler, Alchemy (full version required), SFZ (imports into Alchemy player) and SoundFont, priced at £15 GBP. Purchase includes all formats.

More information: Sound Dust / dULCITONE1900


Realsamples releases Beurmann Bundle – Edition Beurmann

Realsamples Beurmann Bundle

Realsamples has released Beurmann Bundle – Edition Beurmann, a collection of 8 previously releases Edition Beurmann sample libaries.

Beurmann Bundle – Edition Beurmann includes

The Beurmann Bundle is available in HALion, EXS24 and Kontakt2, and GigaStudio formats in 16 and 24bit editions, and costs $999.95 USD (ex shipping and VAT).

Visit Realsamples for more information and audio demos.


Pendle’s Steel Drum Percussion Room

Pendle has released Steel Drum Percussion Room, a new kit of lovely dusty binaural acoustic drum samples and slightly prepared steel drums.

….a kind of Tom Waits percussion machine featuring drums in all shapes and sizes.

Steel Drum Percussion Room features

  • 4 octaves of huge flappy marching band bass drums, ripped and rattly snares and kicks, frame drums, congas, bongos, toms, hi-hats, cymbals, boxes, metal shelving…you name it.
  • plus the “prepared” steel drums, a neglected set of bass steel pans played with fingers and soft mallets to avoid sounding like proper steel drums ( more apocalypse than calypso ) , the tunings are a bit iffy, but theres plenty of velocity layers per hit for a rusty hang drum like effect. Great for film scoring.
  • both kits were recorded binaurally in a great sounding room with long decays for a total of 168mb of samples.

The samples are currently available in Kontakt, SFZ, Giga and soundfonts (Live, EXS and NNxt coming very soon), and cost £15 GBP.

Also make sure to check Pendle’s other sample sets, the dulcitone and tiny binaural harpsichord.

More information: Pendle