Elevayta updates Space Boy to v5.04

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Elevayta Space Boy

Elevayta has released version 5.04 of Space Boy, an effect which utilizes proprietary RASP technology to bring fully automatic adaptive EQ to the realm of digital audio music production.

Elevayta Space Boy is recognised as the most original, convenient and highest quality way to perform sophisticated dynamic EQ (and some other clever things).

Version 5.04 adds a new “Space Walk” algorithm which provides a smoother walking average. Space Boy is now also fully compatibility with Vista and Win 7.

Space Boy features

  • Unique communicating Transmit/Receive context sensitive plug-in pair.
  • Elevayta proprietary Real-time Adaptive Spectral Processing (RASP) technology ensures real-time compensation of competeing frequencies between multiple audio tracks.
  • Unique ‘Wormholes’ function shows the frequencies that compete.
  • The ‘Wormholes’ detection mode – Automatic spectral peak analysis (cross-correlation) for detecting and displaying common dominant frequencies between different tracks.
  • Export of ‘Wormhole’ peaks for import to Voxengo GlissEQ available from www.voxengo.com.
  • Manual spectral peak analysis (up to 5 cursors with frequency display) in both Tx and Rx mode.
  • ‘Deep Space’ mode – Overdrive the ‘Space Boy’ effect up to 200%.
  • Native assembler code audio processing to provide significantly reduced CPU load.

Space Boy is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, priced at $29.95 USD.

More information: Elevayta / Space Boy


Elevayta releases Player Boy

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Elevayta Player Boy

Elevayta has released Player Boy, an application which converts any Elevayta plug-in to a stand alone audio application.

Simply drop an Elevayta VST plug-in onto ‘Player Boy’, or load it via the GUI, and you instantly have a dedicated audio processing application that plays and processes the audio .wav files you select. To begin processing, simply drop the .wav file you wish to process onto ‘Player Boy’, select an output directory and press ‘Process’. ‘Player Boy’ plays and processes the .wav file through the loaded Elevayta plug-in and records the result to the file at the location of your choice.

Player Boy features

  • Works with ALL Elevayta plug-ins, demos, lite & products.
  • Processes and records from .wav to .wav format files.
  • Master volume and balance.
  • Button for bypass of VST processing.
  • Button for mute of audio output.
  • All settings preserved between sessions.
  • Drag and drop loading of audio files, VST plug-ins and preset banks.
  • Selectable audio output device.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.

Visit Elevayta for more information and a link to download Player Boy.


Elevayta releases Klean Boy v5.03

Elevayta Klean Boy

Elevayta has released version 5.03 of Klean Boy, a tool that can be used to reduce broadband noise and hum from stereo digital recordings.

Klean Boy features

  • Manual or fully Automatic high quality broadband noise and hum reduction from any stereo digital audio material.
  • Floating point signal processing with Oversampling.
  • Manual mode for use when a noise floor sample is available or preferred.
  • Fully Automatic mode learns and adapts the noise floor in real time, extracting the noise floor even from the signal of interest.
  • A choice of 4 noise reduction algorithms.
  • Elevayta’s unique 7 band panning EQ.
  • Full flexibility over key processing parameters enables easy optimization to suite material.
  • Tools tips and context sensitive GUI.
  • Full PDC Compensation (in compatible hosts).
  • Instructions included.

Klean Boy has an introductory price of $29.95 USD (normal price is $39.95), and is available for Windows PC.

A 14 day trial version is available for download (full functionality, periodic blanking of audio output).

Visit Elevayta for more information.


Elevayta releases Creativity Tools Bundle

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Elevayta Creativity Tools bundle

Elevayta has released the Elevayta Creativity Tools bundle, a collection of 4 unique VST plug-ins developed for enhancing and inspiring your creativity.

The 4 VST plug-ins contained in this bundle include:

  • Elevayta Convo Boy – The easy-to-use, high quality, convolution engine. Load, manipulate and SAVE your customized impulse response files. Unique capabilities compared to any other convolution effect
  • Elevayta Choir Boy – Provides high quality polyphonic pitch shifting with formant preservation. With full MIDI control
  • Elevayta Wider Boy Pro – The ultimate stereo spatializer complete with MIDI pan control
  • Elevayta Clone Boy – The most advanced, yet easy to use, cross-synthesis and stereo vocoding tool available (features unique Elevayta Tx/Rx technology)

The Elevayta Creativity Tools bundle can be purchased for 54.00 USD (a 25% saving compared to individual components). There is no demo for the bundle but you can try demos of the individual plug-ins.

Visit Elevayta for more information.