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Audio Animals releases The Sounds Of The Kitchen free sample pack

Audio Animals Sounds Of The Kitchen

Audio Animals has announced The Sounds Of The Kitchen, a free sample pack featuring sound recordings of kitchen utensils.

With all of the studio work out of the way, we decided to start work on a new sample pack, to give away exclusively to the followers on our facebook page (Audio Animals Label). Earlier in the day we watched a short vine of a guy chipping a golf ball into a cup. It had some nice sounds as the ball hit the saucepan and cup. This reminded us of a sample pack we intended to make a while back, ‘The Sounds Of The Kitchen’. It is amazing the sounds you can create with general house hold objects!

To summarise it, it is a collection of sounds we have made using ordinary kitchen utensils, which are aimed for percussive use or any creative way you see fit!

The sample pack is a free download to Audio Animals Facebook fans.

More information: Audio Animals / Sounds Of The Kitchen


Fairly Confusing releases Stone Age Percussion Kit

Fairly Confusing Stone Age Percussion Kit

Fairly Confusing has released the Stone Age Percussion Kit, a free collection of 95 one-shot wav samples.

This is the real rock percussion kit. One holidays I happened to stroll a mountain road into area filled with piles of stones and rock pieces. The weather was fine, the wind was blowing elsewhere and I took the opportunity to take a stone smashing session onto Zoom H2n recorder.

Later I chopped it, to make a set of one shot rock hits samples, which I used to build a percussion kit in the sampler. It’s fun and it sounds rather unique.

Stone Age Percussion Kit features

  • 95 samples in wav format, stereo 96kHz/24 bit.
  • Includes mappings for Battery 2 or newer (compatible with Kontakt).
  • 9 MB download.

The sample pack is a free download.

More information: Fairly Confusing / Stone Age Percussion Kit


HISS and a ROAR launches Field Recording Competition

HISS and a ROAR has announced a Field Recording Competition, a chance to win a copy of HISSandaROAR COMPLETE 25, a bundle of all 25 HISS and a ROAR libraries.

HISS and a ROAR Field Recording Competition

The entire essence of this challenge is to take something ordinary and use your creative skills to capture something extraordinary. Your access to technology wont impress me half as much as your ability to think (and hear) laterally!

Field Recording Competition

  1. Record and submit FIVE SOUNDS – one sound ONLY from each prop.
  2. The props: An apple, a pencil, a rubber band, a soda can, your hands.
  3. Any microphone is allowed.
  4. No processing is allowed other than gain.
  5. Competition starts today and ends July 31.

Besides the HISSandaROAR COMPLETE 25 grand prize, 10 runners up will receive a $150 USD voucher for HISSandaROAR libraries.

More information: HISS and a ROAR


Arturia releases Hollywood Essentials expansion for Spark

Arturia Spark Hollywood Essentials

Arturia has announced the release of Hollywood Essentials, an expansion sound library for the Spark Creative Drum Machine.

Spark Hollywood Essentials brings an amazing library of film score tools to the Spark Engine. Designed by three of Hollywoods top sound designers, Larry Hopkins, Alan Howarth, and Mark Mangini, these sounds, kits and patterns will open up many new potential avenues for any genre of music.

Featuring a library of 30 kits with 480 instruments and 960 patterns that range from field recordings, to incredible sound scapes and percussion ensembles worthy of a major motion picture Hollywood block buster.

Sparks organic realtime workflow allows you to take advantage of this suite of sounds perfect for scoring a film and allows you to easily apply them to any genre of music production.

Spark Hollywood Essentials is available to purchase for $29 USD / 29 EUR. Requires Spark version 1.5 or greater (not compatible with “Spark Vintage”, “Spark Dubstep” or any other version of Spark dedicated to a specific musical genre).

More information: Arturia / Hollywood Essentials


Prism House Samples Vol. 3 free found sound sample pack

Prism House Samples Vol 3

Prism House has introduced a third volume of free found sound samples.

Prism House Samples Vol. 3 is a new collection of 80 found sound samples gathered from field recordings made in the streets and art spaces of New York City and Brooklyn.

The pack includes natural percussion hits and unique loops recorded in Mid-Side using the Zoom H2N field recorder. This pack is great for adding environmental timbres and ‘air’ to a track, and can help create a unique edge for your productions.

Prism House is a Brooklyn-based audio/visual duo currently signed to Ceremony Recordings.

The sample pack is a free download below.

Prism House Samples Vol. 3Size: 51.53 MB

Get the other 2 volumes of free found sounds here.

More information: Prism House (Facebook)


Loopmasters presents Junkyard Percussion sample library

Loopmasters Junkyard Percussion

Loopmasters has announced the release of Junkyard Percussion, a sample collection made with inanimate objects that are usually located in man’s secret hideaway “The Tool Shed”.

Going on the principle that “give a Musician a spanner he might undo a bolt”, “Give a him a toolbox he will fill his sampler” Junkyard Percussion produced exclusively for Loopmasters Midi Error contains quite literally a toolbox of percussion sounds and fx created using found sounds and unwitting objects whose original intended purpose involved Oil, Sweat, Screwing, whacking and probably a bit of foul language. Luckily Loopmasters has removed the hard labour and brings you an amazing collection of Audio Multi Tools ready to add creative organic sounds to your productions.

Featuring a staggering collection of Dome Rings, Glass Hits, Shakes, Splashes, swipes, Bells, Axel Hits, Garage Door Noises, Tank Slaps, Oil Drums, Rattles, Spanner drops, Metal and Wood sounds, Plates and Squeaks all meticulously sampled in 24Bit quality.

Added to the pack Midi Error has also created 100 inspirational rhythmic beats using the single sounds in tempos ranging from 90 to 175 BPM.

The sample library costs £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Junkyard Percussion


Atom Hub releases Drumming Fire, Snow And Ice & Wine Glass sample packs

Atom Hub has announced the release of three new sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Atom Hub Drumming Fire
Drumming Fire sound library for NI Kontakt.

New Atom Hub libraries

  • Drumming Fire – Make weird rhythms from sampled fire, crackling, buring wood, or a fireplace itself – Wood chunks, iron broach, banister, barbecue shovel. 368 MB / 29 nki’s.
  • Snow And Ice – Snowy and icy sounds… footsteps, ice throws, slides, stabbings, as well as winter creek ambiences. 166 MB / 33 nki’s.
  • Wine Glass – Two wine glasses, 40 different sets, up to 7x round robin, pips, strokes, clashes, fingertips, knuckles, stick. 99 MB / 40 nki’s.

The sound libraries are available to purchase for 5 EUR each.

More information: Atom Hub