FrettedSynth releases FreeAmpSE v1.5

Fretted Synth has released FreeAmpSE v1.5. New in Version 1.5 Reduced CPU use (still not a CPU lightweight, but should shut down less systems then v1.1) New overall tone Added host sync and tap tempo … read more

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Fretted Synth releases PhazOsc

Fretted Synth has released PhazOsc, a freeware Phase Distortion Synth VSTi. Features Phase distortion synth offering velocity control on both the amp and timbre Delay and chorus are also included Audio trigger section consists of … read more

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FrettedSynth releases Helian FU22 amp-sim

FrettedSynth has released Helian FU22. FU22 is designed to be a compressed fuzz oriented amp-sim, with the inclusion of a clean channel. It can be used for clean tones AND you can get some real … read more

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FrettedSynth Bass Amp simulation plug-ins

FrettedSynth has released 2 new Bass Amp simulation plug-ins. Helian 1st Bass amp-sim is designed for a round sound, also provides a drive channel for more edge. Helian 2nd Bass amp-sim is designed to give … read more

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