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FrettedSynth updates FreeAmp to v3.1

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FrettedSynth FreeAmp3

FrettedSynth has released v3.1 of FreeAmp, the freeware guitar amp simulator effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v3.1

  • Fixed: speakers and output limiter, they now may be pushed quite hard without crackle.
  • Improved: Wah effect.
  • Many small tweaks internal and adjustments of control ranges.
  • All sleep bugs should now be fixed.
  • Small GUI change (little lighter).

Visit FrettedSynth to download FreeAmp3 v3.1.


FrettedSynth releases FreeAmp3

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FrettedSynth FreeAmp3

FrettedSynth has released FreeAmp3, a freeware virtual guitar setup plug-in for Windows PC.

FreeAmp3 features

  • 5 Clean amps.
  • 19 Drive amps, Provides clean/drive amp switching.
  • 5 Amp equalizers.
  • 2 Power amps.
  • 17 Speakers, including 4 bass cabs.
  • 3 Effect slots both pre (mono) and post (stereo) amp positions.
  • Noise gate and output Limiter.

FreeAmp3 comes in both an amp only version and a FX full version.

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download FreeAmp3.


FrettedSynth releases Complete Drums

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FrettedSynth Complete Drums

FrettedSynth has released Complete Drums, a VSTi plugin designed to be used with piezo type drum pads, plugged directly to your soundcard.


  • A special Drums Sample Player for piezo drum pads with very fast tracking
  • 6 mono audio input channels each triggering a drum sample part
  • Audio trigger section consists of only two knobs, (Gate) which sets the gates strength (ReTrigger) which sets the gates time re-trigger
  • Very low CPU usage, Zero latency with a fade-in of about 2.5ms

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download Complete Drums.


FrettedSynth releases SoFtDrum Synth

FrettedSynth SoFtDrum Synth

FrettedSynth has released SoFtDrum, a VST plugin designed to use Soundfonts as its sample source.

Offering the ability to have as many velocity split samples as required within the MIDI velocity range of 0-127, multi sample drums can be packaged into a single file making loading of multi sample drums and maintaining a drum library very simple.


  • Offers 12 drum-pads, using Soundfonts per drum-pad as its sample source
  • Allows as many velocity splits as required per drum-pad
  • Includes 3 different versions: 1,6 and 16 voice polyphony per drum-pad
  • SoFtDrum has 6 stereo outputs
  • 2 groups are provided for more accurate emulation of the hihat and many other percussion instruments
  • GUI by ArtVera
  • includes 5 presets
  • includes SoFtDrum Library containing 24 drum Soundfonts

Three versions are included in the SoFtDrum.exe package SoFtDrumUlt, SoFtDrumLt and SoFtDrum. The only difference between them is the way that polyphony works. Polyphony works a bit different in SoFtDrum compared to most drum plugins in that each pads polyphony works independent, meaning that the only way a pad can be cutoff because of reached polyphony is from itself. On the up side that means no crash cymbal will ever be cutoff by a tom roll On the downside it means that the full sixteen voice version of SoFtDrum can ask your CPU to play 192 voices at full polyphony

  1. SoFtDrumUlt – 1 voice polyphony per pad = 12 voice polyphony total
  2. SoFtDrumLt – 6 voice polyphony per pad = 72 voice polyphony total
  3. SoFtDrum – 16 voice polyphony per pad = 192 voice polyphony total

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download SoFtDrum and the SoFtDrum Library.


FrettedSynth releases SafFronVA Synth

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FrettedSynth SafFronVA

FrettedSynth Audio has released SafFronVA, a freeware VA synth made with SynthEdit.

SafFronVA features

  • 16 voice polyphonic
  • True 4 oscillator unison per voice, which can be set from 1 to 4 voices, each can be tuned individually (Click on the “UNISON” text to show the settings for unison voice and tuning)
  • Filter contains 12dB and 24dB filter-slopes
  • Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, Reverb FX included
  • GUI by ArtVera
  • includes 64 presets

SafFronVA looks a lot like SafFron SoundFont Player and it basically has the same layout.

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download SafFronVA.


FrettedSynth releases SafFron SoundFont Player

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FrettedSynth SafFron

FrettedSynth has released SafFron, a freeware SoundFont Player created with SynthEdit.


  • 24 voice polyphonic Soundfont Player
  • Amp, Filter and Modulation sections
  • Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, Reverb FX included
  • GUI by ArtVera

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download SafFron.


PhazOsc (VSTi) presets by Andrej A. Golob

Fretted Synth PhazOsc VSTi

Andrej A. Golob from Slovenija has created a preset bank for PhazOsc (VSTi version) from Fretted Synth Audio.

Andrej kicks off the plug-in presets section on with this nice collection of 36 presets including leads, bass and pads.

AAG PhazOscVSTi Downloads: 926 times

Looking for more? Check all patches by Andrej A. Golob or for PhazOsc

I will try to post new presets daily (but it’s up to you all to provide some good banks!). If you’re interested in sharing some presets yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me.