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Limeflavour releases Legacy skins for Oatmeal

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Limeflavour has released two new skins for Oatmeal, a virtual synthesizer instrument by Fuzzpilz.

Limeflavour Legacy skins for Oatmeal
Legacy skins for Oatmeal

The first skin is the Tron Legacy inspired skin built by Derek Halpenny, with small assistance from me.

The second skin is a lighter variant of the Tron skin, desaturated and brightened to suit my taste. This skin is all done by me.

Both skins (for Oatmeal r38-1) are available as a free download from the Limeflavour website.

More information: Limeflavour


Blue Cat Audio Stereo Chorus, free skins by satYatunes

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Blue Cat Audio has released some new skins for Stereo Chorus, a free chorus effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Many thanks to satYatunes who has sent us a set of beautiful new free skins for Blue Cat’s Stereo Chorus.

You have the choice between a “Black Beauty” and a “Metal Beauty” to create the sounds of your dreams.

Blue Cat Audio Stereo Chorus skins by satYatunes

The two skins are available as a free download.

More information: Blue Cat Audio / Stereo Chorus


Random Wave Music Avant-Garde, Sound Bank and GUI Set for Cakewalk Z3TA+ 1.5.3

Random Wave Music Avant-Garde

Random Wave Music has released Avant-Garde, a collection of patches and a GUI set for the Z3TA+ virtual synthesizer instrument by Cakewalk.

The Avant-Garde sound bank contains 128 new Programs further expanding z3ta+’s sound pallet by offering new vintage and modern electronic music style synth sounds. Included in the Avant-Garde sound bank are evocative atmospheric soundscapes and moods, analog-digital hybrid pads, classic electronic music style arpeggios, vocal based sounds and a variety of different synths. There are also several lead, bass, keys and effects sounds included to round out the collection.

To coincide with the release of the Avant-Garde commercial sound bank for Cakewalk z3ta+, a new GUI skin was developed by Random Wave Music to accompany the 128 new Programs exclusively.

Avant-Garde features

  • 128 new Programs in .128 file format.
  • Banks provided in standard 1.0X and 2.0X oversampling playback quality versions.
  • 20 additional single-cyle waveforms (used in creating the new Avant-Garde Programs).
  • Avant-Garde GUI (2 versions included: “New” and “Used”).
  • Documentation including Manual, Program List and Licence Agreement.

Avant-Garde for Z3TA+ 1.5.3 is available to purchase for the introductory price of $6.50 USD.

More information: Random Wave Music / Avant-Garde


Ross Bencina AudioMulch, interactive music studio updated to v2.1


Ross Bencina has released version 2.1 of AudioMulch, an interactive music studio for Windows and Mac.

This version includes support for custom time signatures, Audio Unit plugin support on Mac OS X, new dynamics processing contraptions, an optional light grey color scheme, and more.

Changes in AudioMulch v2.1

  • Time signatures and rhythmic units — AudioMulch now supports custom and user-defined time signatures and rhythmic units. Automation supports time signature changes. This opens a world of potential for polyrhythmic and polymetric music. Everything that used to be hard-wired to 4/4 time now allows selection of a time signature (including CanonLooper, LiveLooper and LoopPlayer). Everything that used to be hardwired to 16ths (semiquavers) allows the selection of a rhythmic unit (including BubbleBlower, DLGranulator, Drums, LoopPlayer, Nebuliser, PulseComb, SDelay and SouthPole).
  • New rhythmic matrix pattern editors for Arpeggiator, SouthPole and Bassline — All contraptions with rhythmic pattern editors now support user-selectable pattern lengths, matrix resolutions, non-4/4 time signatures and time signature changes. You can also click and drag to “paint” multiple triggers in the matrix pattern editors.
  • Dynamics processing contraptions: Compressor, Limiter and NoiseGate — New Compressor, Limiter and NoiseGate contraptions in mono and stereo versions. These contraptions are useful for shaping the dynamics (loudness) of your sound. They can be found in the new Dynamics category of the contraptions palette.
  • Audio Unit plugin support on Mac OSX — AudioMulch now support’s Audio Unit plugins on Mac OS X, giving you access to a new range of third-party audio effects and instruments.
  • A new, light grey color scheme — You can now select between light and dark color schemes on the Appearance page of the Settings/Preferences dialog box.
  • Support for hot-plugging MIDI devices — AudioMulch now remembers selected MIDI devices when they’re not connected. You can connect them while AudioMulch is running. Just toggle the Enable MIDI button to activate them.
  • Improved documentation — We’ve re-written and reorganised the MIDI help page and the contraption reference pages for every contraption to make it easier for you to find the information you’re looking for.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements — Version 2.1 includes a range of other enhancements, tweaks and bug fixes. They’re all listed in the release notes.

AudioMulch is available for purchase for Windows and Mac for $189 USD.

More information: AudioMulch


Peter Dines ParamDrum, beat machine for Reaktor updated with new skin and sample maps

Peter Dines ParamDrum

Peter Dines has updated ParamDrum, a drum sequencer for Native Instruments Reaktor.

The impossible has happened: a ParamDrum update.

It’s got a brilliant skin courtesy of Jonathan Style, a new sound set based on samples from a very popular hardware synth (can you name it?), and at the moment only four new snaps. I could delay release and make more presets, but I want to get this out as soon as possible considering what a wait it’s been since the last update.

ParamDrum for Reaktor is available to purchase for $12.50 USD. The update is free for existing users. Note: this new skinned version only works in Reaktor 5.5 beta.

More information: Peter Dines / ParamDrum


MOTU Digital Performer 7.2, update brings Themes and more

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MOTU Digital Performer 7.2 - Themes

MOTU has announced it is now shipping Digital Performer 7.2, a free update for all DP7 users now available for immediate download at

Version 7.2 adds new features and enhancements, including Themes (skins), which allow users to completely change the look and feel of Digital Performer’s entire user interface with one click.

“Digital Performer is renowned for its carefully-crafted look and feel,” said Jim Cooper, MOTU Director of Marketing. “So we didn’t just put in a lightness/darkness slider or different shades of background color. Instead, DP users can choose from more than a dozen meticulously designed themes, which power-users can go in and tweak as much as they want. Buttons, knobs, and other controls can look completely different in each theme.”

Changes in Digital Performer 7.2

  • Themes — Completely change the look and feel of Digital Performer’s entire user interface with one click. Choose themes such as Carbon Fiber, Zen, Plasma, and Producer. Fine-tune waveform display colors and customize your own multi-gradient level meters in the Mixing Board. Ultimate customization never looked so good.
  • Live search — Quickly zero in on an audio clip, custom key command, or other list item in just seconds by simply typing the name of what you are looking for. The list updates as you type, immediately showing any items that match your search.
  • Right-click menus — Become a DP power user with one right-click of your multi-button mouse. Digital Performer’s essential operations for any window, edit grid, or list view are now just a click away. You’ll fly through your DP workflow like never before.

Digital Performer 7.2 is now shipping and available as a free download to registered Version 7 users.

More information: MOTU / Digital Performer 7


Expert Sleepers releases Augustus Loop 2.0 Public Beta (Mac)

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Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop

Expert Sleepers has released a public beta of Augustus Loop v2.0 for Mac, a major update to the tape echo/looping plug-in.

Augustus Loop is now fully skinnable and scriptable, a good opportunity for an Augustus Loop Skinning Competition.

We have three free licences (or upgrades) for Augustus Loop v2 to give away, and all you have to do to have a chance of winning is submit a new skin. Skins will be judged on aesthetic merit and/or interesting new functionality.

Changes in Augustus Loop v2.0 beta

  • Augustus Loop’s GUI is now fully skinnable and scriptable.
  • MIDI behaviour is now scriptable.
  • VST version now receives MIDI.
  • Added Record Offset feature.
  • Added waveform display.
  • The ‘Max Delay Time’ parameter now has a smaller minimum value (1.0 seconds) and is not rounded to the nearest 10 seconds.
  • Added Tape Read Mode parameter.
  • The Freeze Loop function is much improved.
  • A small crossfade is now applied when activating Clear Loop, and when Clear Loop ends.
  • The Input Level parameter is now protected against sudden changes, which previously could result in audio artefacts. In particular this makes the Punch In/Out features more usable.
  • A small crossfade is now applied when activating Tap Record.
  • Added a new mode for the Freeze Loop function, “Freeze Current”.
  • Added OSC support.
  • Added ‘Sync Group’ feature.
  • Added new ‘Tape Sim’ section.
  • Added factory presets.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Digital Mode to not engage correctly.

Visit Expert Sleepers for more information and a link to download a demo version.