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Precisionsound releases PS20 – Vintage Digital (Roland MKS-20)

Precisionsound PS20 - Vintage Digital

Precisionsound has released PS20 – Vintage Digital, a sample library for HALion Kontakt & SoundFont featuring the sounds of the Roland MKS-20.

In the -80ties the typical sound of a real acoustic piano and electric pianos was produced by the “Real thing” or the “Roland MKS-20”, those where the days long before multisampled multivelocity sound libraries like our Dusty Electric MK II or the “Pianoteq” physical modelling software.

The Roland MKS-20 was based on a technique called structured adaptive synthesis, an early form of physical modelling.

PS20 features

  • All 8 MKS-20 presets sampled in full range from –A to C7 (Piano 1, Piano 2, Piano 3, E-Piano 1, E-Piano 1, Clavi, Harpsichord, Vibraphone).
  • Up to 6 velocity layers and 4 samples in each velocity layers per octave.
  • 1,200 24bit mono WAV files and 8 programs in NI Kontakt, HALion and SoundFont format (16bit).
  • The SoundFont version is 100% compatible with Gigastudio, EXS24 and all virtual samplers supporting the SoundFont format on both MAC and PC.

PS20 – Vintage Digital is available for download for $49 USD (+$11 USD for optional CD-Rom).

More information: Precisionsound / PS20 – Vintage Digital


Pendle’s Steel Drum Percussion Room

Pendle has released Steel Drum Percussion Room, a new kit of lovely dusty binaural acoustic drum samples and slightly prepared steel drums.

….a kind of Tom Waits percussion machine featuring drums in all shapes and sizes.

Steel Drum Percussion Room features

  • 4 octaves of huge flappy marching band bass drums, ripped and rattly snares and kicks, frame drums, congas, bongos, toms, hi-hats, cymbals, boxes, metal shelving…you name it.
  • plus the “prepared” steel drums, a neglected set of bass steel pans played with fingers and soft mallets to avoid sounding like proper steel drums ( more apocalypse than calypso ) , the tunings are a bit iffy, but theres plenty of velocity layers per hit for a rusty hang drum like effect. Great for film scoring.
  • both kits were recorded binaurally in a great sounding room with long decays for a total of 168mb of samples.

The samples are currently available in Kontakt, SFZ, Giga and soundfonts (Live, EXS and NNxt coming very soon), and cost £15 GBP.

Also make sure to check Pendle’s other sample sets, the dulcitone and tiny binaural harpsichord.

More information: Pendle


ILIO now shipping Vienna Symphonic Library Special Keyboards

Vienna Symphonic Library Special Keyboards

ILIO is now shipping Special Keyboards, a virtual instrument comprising 8 GB of samples, which offers a state-of-the-art approach to capturing exceptional, rare, but also classic sounds that every sound designer or composer should have.

The harpsichord has a famously bright sound, rich in overtones. This set is great for TV and filmscores, classic rock, and of course this is the definitive instrument for going “Back to Bach.” Recorded in Vienna’s own Silent Stage, the following single notes and repetition performances of a two manual harpsichord were recorded: 8’ register solo, 8’ double, and tutti (a combination of two 8’ registers and one 4’ register).

The harmonium is a free-reed instrument, meaning that air streaming past reeds of different lengths causes them to vibrate. Unlike organ pipes, the harmonium’s reeds produce more disharmonic overtones, creating a unique undulating sound.

The prepared piano is a technique introduced in 1949 by John Cage, where objects like erasers, nails, wire, paper, etc., are inserted between a piano’s strings in certain places, causing them to produce additional tones, harmonics, or percussive sounds. The Vienna team also treated the Bösendorfer grand piano with bare hands (e.g., glissandos over the strings) and with wood mallets in order to get a multitude of creative sounds and colors.

Note: There are no Standard and Extended Library options, as in other Vienna Instruments collections; the Special Keyboards Standard Library includes the full sets of samples along with the software instrument, featuring Vienna Symphonic Library’s exclusive Vienna Instruments engine.

Special Keyboards has a MSRP of $385.

Visit Vienna Symphonic Library for more information and sound demos.


Musical instruments made of LEGO

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Guitar made of LEGO

This website has some pictures of a guitar constructed entirely out of LEGO pieces.

The guitar was actually playable, but the ‘truss rod’ for the back was not sturdy enough to handle the string tension for long which is why there are no strings in the pics.

It took Henry Lim 2 years to complete a Harpsichord model.

Henry Lim's Harspichord build of LEGO
Approximately 100,000 LEGO pieces were used to build this instrument. Four colours: black, red, tan, and white. Looks awesome!

Some other instruments are Peter Alway’s LEGO Dulcimer, and XILO by J.P. Brown, a device that plays music by striking chromed metal tubes according to your movements.

LEGO can also be used to play actual instruments, like the ukelele playing robots here and here.

Does anybody know of some more?