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Michael Gruhn releases MGA DRaCo v1.0

Michael Gruhn DRaCo

Michael Gruhn (aka LOSER) has released version 1.0 of MGA DRaCo, a freeware compressor effect plug-in.

Michael writes:

Just finished this tiny ‘n’ simple compressor. Its aim is to sound good while being lightweight on the CPU.

Michael’s website also shows early versions of two other plug-ins: MGA Limes (v0.50) and MGA Softclamp (v0.10).

All of these plug-ins are available as freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC and can be downloaded from Michael Gruhn‘s website.


Michael Gruhn releases Null FX Series (beta)

Michael Gruhn

Michael Gruhn (aka LOSER) has released a public beta of the Null FX Series, a collection of dynamics effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

The Null FX Series includes:

  1. Null Compressor, basic compressor with threshold, ratio, attack, release, output volume.
  2. Null Limiter, basic limiter with threshold, release and automakeup.
  3. Null Saturation, one knob saturation.
  4. Null Clipper, one knob hard brickwall clipping plug-in.

Download the Null FX Series here.


Michael Gruhn releases 50 Hz Kicker

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Michael Gruhn

Michael Gruhn (LOSER) has released a beta of 50 Hz Kicker, a freeware plug-in for Windows PC.

50 Hz Kicker is a simple Kick Drum Enforcer/Enhancer, which boosts the frequencies in the lower/sub bass area around 50 Hz, or even mid range. The plug-in has a frequency range from 20 Hz to 240 Hz.

The frequency control can be automated for some spacy sound FX too.

If you haven’t checked Michael’s plug-ins before, make sure to check the VST Plug-in Bundle for lots of useful effect plugins.

Visit Michael Gruhn for more information, and a link to download the latest version of 50 Hz Kicker.


LOSER releases Simple Verb beta

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LOSER Simple Verb (default Cantabile GUI)

LOSER (Michael Gruhn) has released a beta of Simple Verb, a freeware reverb VST plugin.


  • Room Size (some abitrary random made up scaling factor)
  • Damping
  • Low/High-pass
  • Wet/Dry controls

Simple Verb was coded in C++ and uses very little CPU.

Note: this plugins does not have a GUI (uses default host GUI) and it’s still in beta. The reverb has no early reflections (yet).

Visit LOSER’s website to download the latest version of Simple Verb.

While you’re there, check out some other plugins currently in beta as well: Advanced Peak-1 Limiter, 0-X Maximizer, Transient Shaper, Simple Peak-7 Limiter and Program Dependent Compressor.


LOSER releases VST Bundle

LOSER DVC (Digital Versatile Compressor)

LOSER has released a VST Bundle, containing the most recent versions of all of his plug-ins.

This bundle includes:

  • Digital Versatile Compressor (DVS) STANDART/LITE/MASTER
  • Simple Peak-1/2/3/4 Limiter
  • Dither
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Exciter
  • Delay
  • M/S Encoder
  • M/S Decoder
  • DC Assassin
  • Parametric EQ
  • Stereo Processor
  • 3-Band Splitter

All of the plug-in are GUI-less so they will take on the GUI of your VST host.

Additional information on the Digital Versatile Compressor and Simple Peak Limiter is included in text files.

Download the LOSER VST Bundle here (Stashbox).


LOSER releases Simple Peak Limiter beta

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LOSER has released a public beta of Simple Peak Limiter, a freeware limiter VST plug-in coded in C/C++.


  • Controls for Threshold, Out Ceiling and Saturation
  • VST version 2.3 (32bit)
  • Supported Samplerates: Any (as far as known)
  • Ins: 2 / Outs: 2

Simple Peak Limiter comes in three versions (all included in the download), which have varied amount of controls (1, 2 or all 3 of the controls mentioned above).

LOSER Simple Peak Limiter (SP3Limiter, with all 3 controls)
LOSER Simple Peak Limiter (SP3Limiter, with all 3 controls)

The saturation control adds non-linearity to the signal, compareable to a tube warmer-like effect. It generally makes the output louder (regarding RMS level, while remaining its peak level).

You can download the Simple Peak Limiter package here.


LOSER DVC (Digital Versatile Compressor) Beta

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LOSER DVC (Digital Versatile Compressor)

LOSER has released a beta of DVC (Digital Versatile Compressor), a freeware VST compressor effect plug-in.

DVC comes in 3 versions, Master, Standard, and Lite (with Master having the most controls, Lite the least).


  • VST 2.3 (32bit)
  • Support for any samplerate
  • 4 (Lite=2) ins / 2 outs
  • no GUI (default GUI of host)
  • Controls: Threshold, Ratio, Knee[MS], Attack Start[MS], Attack, Attack Shape[M], Hold[M], Release, Release Shape[M], Envelope Detector[MS*], Smoothen Envelope[M], RMS Size[MS], Low-Pass[MS], High-Pass[MS], Listen[Ms], Feed[MS], Make-Up, Bypass Mix (on FP)[M], Output, Dry Mix[MS]

[M] = Master only
[MS] = Master+Standard only
*available on Lite, but not configurable
s = reduced on Standard (compared to the Master version)

Known Issues:
- (Soft-)Knee on the DVC isn’t uber round, will be adressed at some point.
- FBQ doesn’t work on DET mode (DVC Master).
- High CPU usage (depending on settings).

You can download the DVC beta here.