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Morevox releases Hit! impulse response library + Impact Pack Bundle

Morevox Hit!

Morevox has announced Hit!, a collection of 300 impulse responses.

High impact reverberation is fundamental in achieving a great drum sound inside a mix. That deep, wide, aggressive sound is created by mixing both real rooms and hardware reverbs together.

MoReVoX HiT! represents this combination of both real rooms and hardware (up to ten sources for each IR) mixed with the unique MoReVoX attitude. All the sources have been carefully placed in the stereo field, and the final IRs have been recorded on real tape and mastered in M/S for a superior warm spaciousness.

The classic MoReVoX reverb sound is here in full; it has been meticulously tailored for drums, percussion, and for every mix where high-impact reverb is required.

Hit! features

  • 300 Impulse Responses, 24Bit@44.1Khz.
  • 3 Categories (short, medium and large length).
  • Format : Raw Wav. Space Designer.
  • Compatible with all convolvers.
  • IRs Length : 0.2 > 3 Sec.

The Hit! library is available to purchase for $69 USD. A special Wavemachine Labs Auria edition is $9.90 USD. A free demo pack (15 IRs) can be downloaded from Morevox.

Morevox has also announced the Impact Pack, bundling the new Hit! library with the Parallel Drums library for $119 USD, a $49 USD discount on the individual prices.

More information: Morevox / Hit!


Morevox intros Parallel Drums sample library

Morevox Parallel Drums

Morevox has released Parallel Drums, a drum sample library featuring parallel processing.

Parallel processing has been a popular studio technique for years, and MoReVoX takes full advantage of this in its latest release, Parallel Drums. By using parallel processing, this new library is able to create unique nuances, fully adjustable using Drumagog 5′s new room support.

Taking advantage of this powerful feature, Parallel Drums uniquely substitutes the room sounds for three TOP quality Parallel processing through the plugin mixer.

Parallel Drums features

  • 1,530 samples 24bit/44kHz.
  • 34 Drumagog 5 Instruments.
  • 102 DrumXchanger Instruments.
  • 1 to 10 layers, up to 4 variations per layer.
  • Available parallel processing:
    • Compression channel (parallel compression) has been developed with some of the best compressors on the market: Neve 33609, SSL Bus compressor, UA 1176, Distressor.
    • Exciter channel (parallel harmonic distortion) is based on the Evol Audio Fucifier.
    • Space channel (parallel ambience) has been developed mixing the real rooms of the recordings with well known MoReVoX reverbs, to create amazing 3D ambiences, ready to explode your stereo field.

The sample library is available to purchase for $99 USD. An introductory 30% discount is available by using coupon code PD-2012 at checkout.

More information: Morevox / Parallel Drums


Morevox MSP Impulse Response Library only $9 + 50% Off Voucher in Happy Summer Offer

Morevox has announced a Happy Summer offer for its MSP impulse response library.

Morevox MSP Happy Summer Offer
Over 75% off a collection of 200 impulse responses from Morevox.

Spring verbs with fat and rich tails, Modulated Plates, Dense Spring with early plate sound … these are only few “dream” verb sounds that are now truth with MSP.

MSP has been developed mixing several top quality modern and vintage hardware though the unique MoReVoX IRs design based on the M/S harmonics distortion.

MSP features

  • 200 IRs 24Bit/44.1Khz.
  • Format : Raw Wav / Space Designer.
  • Compatible with ALL Convolvers.
  • IRs Length : .6 > 6 Sec.

The MSP library is available to purchase for $9 USD until August 31st. A 50% off store voucher is included, which is valid until October 31st, 2012. The offer is available to registered users only (registration is free).

More information: Morevox / MSP


Overloud releases BREVERB 2 Mix Pack

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Overloud Breverb 2 Mix Pack

Overloud has released the BREVERB 2 Mix Pack, a collection of 92 new ambience settings for the Breverb reverb plug-in.

BREVERB 2 Mix Pack is a BREVERB 2 expansion kit containing 92 presets designed by the top notch engineer Sabino Cannone (MoReVoX) and covering a wide range of mixing contexts.

Presets have been collected from real situations, so they are ready to fit into your mix.

If you are on a tight deadline, or if you want a pro-sound with a few clicks, the BREVERB 2 Mix Pack is the right addition for you.

The Mix Pack is a free download.

More information: Overloud


Morevox launches Happy Summer Offer, 70% off Pocketslam

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Morevox Happy Summer Offer

Morevox has launched a Happy Summer Offer, a limited time promotion for its Pocketslam sample library.

The offer is a huge rebate (70%) on the Pocketslam Library to 9 $ and it includes a 50% MoReVoX Store Voucher valid until 31 October.

The Happy Summer Offer is available until August 28th, 2011.

More information: Morevox / Pocketslam


Morevox releases Hybrid Impulse Responses Library

Morevox has announced the release of Hybrid, a massive impulse response sample library featuring 500 brand new IRs.

Morevox Hybrid

All the IRs are been developed with MoReVoX custom development process based on the mix of multiple sources (Top Hardware and Real Spaces).

The multiple sources (up to ten), carefully spread in the stereo feld, are been mixed using the Thermionics Fat Bustard summing mixer trying to find unique nuances and character through the tube distortion.

Additional Analog tape simulators and distortion devices (like the Anamod ATS-1 and the Evolaudio Fucifier) processing and final MS mastering guaranties an Unparalleled and Outstanding sound quality.

MoReVoX HYBRID is not a clone but a tank of NEW Reverb sounds and it’s definitively a MUST HAVE!

Hybrid features

  • 500 Top Quality IRs.
  • Warm and Deep Tube & Analog Tape Sound.
  • IRs length : 0.4 / 8.0 Secs.
  • Easy to Use : IRs sorted by rising length.
  • Compatible with All convolvers.
  • Apple Space Designer Patches included.

Hybrid is available to purchase for a limited time introductory price of $49 USD (regular $79 USD).

A demo collection of 30 fully working Hybrid impulse responses is available as a free download from the product page.

More information: Morevox / Hybrid


Morevox launches May Sale, 30% off IR & sample libraries

Morevox has announced a limited time sale on its impulse response and sample libraries.

Morevox 30% off sale

All the MoReVoX libraries are 30% off during May.
Go to the store and use the code MAY30

The promotion is valid for all Morevox products except the Elektromorph Geist Edition.

More information: Morevox