Cluster Sound releases Rare Analog bundle for Live

Cluster Sound has announced Rare Analog, a bundle comprising 5 Live Packs.

Cluster Sound Rare Analog

We are proud to present you Rare Analog, a massive Live Bundle featuring five of the rarest and most valuable synths & reverb units from the ’70s.

The collection is 40% off but if you already own one or more included titles the final price will be reduced further.

Rare Analog features

  • Includes Oscar: Oxford (O.S.C.) Oscar, Sonix: Moog Sonic Six, Pathos: Korg PS-3200, Sigman: Korg Sigma, Space Station: Ursa Major SST-282.
  • 7,800+ WAV samples, 4.65 GB content.
  • 505 Instrument Racks.
  • 273 Live Clips.
  • 800 Audio Multi-Clips.
  • 224 Convolution Reverb Racks.
  • 14 Convolution Reverb Pro Devices.
  • 12 Audio Effect Racks.

The bundle is available for purchase for 89 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Rare Analog


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