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Cluster Sound releases Rare Analog bundle for Live

Cluster Sound has announced Rare Analog, a bundle comprising 5 Live Packs.

Cluster Sound Rare Analog

We are proud to present you Rare Analog, a massive Live Bundle featuring five of the rarest and most valuable synths & reverb units from the ’70s.

The collection is 40% off but if you already own one or more included titles the final price will be reduced further.

Rare Analog features

  • Includes Oscar: Oxford (O.S.C.) Oscar, Sonix: Moog Sonic Six, Pathos: Korg PS-3200, Sigman: Korg Sigma, Space Station: Ursa Major SST-282.
  • 7,800+ WAV samples, 4.65 GB content.
  • 505 Instrument Racks.
  • 273 Live Clips.
  • 800 Audio Multi-Clips.
  • 224 Convolution Reverb Racks.
  • 14 Convolution Reverb Pro Devices.
  • 12 Audio Effect Racks.

The bundle is available for purchase for 89 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Rare Analog


Cluster Sound releases OSCAR Live Pack

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Cluster Sound has announced the release of Oscar, a massive multi-sample Live Pack based on the OSC Oscar, a rare and iconic British synthesizer from the early ’80.

Cluster Sound Oscar

The OSCar is a vintage hybrid digital/analogue synth from British manufac-turer Oxford Synthesiser Company (OSC). Designed by Chris Hugget after the collapse of EDP, this masterpiece of engineering features digitally controlled dual oscillators with analog filters and plenty of knobs packed into a yellow plastic case with distinctive rubber elements.

The Oscar implements two wide-range DCOs and a set of 5 additive waveforms but can also carry out harmonic synthesis, allowing to create customized waveforms. The filter is built from two resonant multimode 2-pole filters (the same used in the Wasp synth) with overdrive and separation controls. The digital oscillators and the analog filters are digitally controlled using a Zilog Z80a microprocessor running at 4Mhz.

The Oscar simply sounds like no other synthesizers. Thanks to the characteristic filter design and the additive facility, this stunning rubber-based synth can generate a sound palette far wider than any other monosynth. The Oscar can easily deliver mellow organs, dark drones, brutal distorted basses, sharp pseudo-digital FX and screaming leads. It can also generate classic analog sounds but it’s at its best when taken to extreme.

Oscar is based on 64 multi-sample recordings and 285 WAV effects and loops obtained by stressing the subtractive/additive oscillators through the split personality filter. This Live Pack delivers 271 Instrument Racks, 161 Live Clips and 5 meticulously crafted Audio Effect Racks, an ultra-flexible package delivering one of the coolest vintage synth ever made.

OSCAR features

  • Size: 1.9 Gigabytes.
  • 24 Bits / 44.1 Khz.
  • 64 Multi-sample recordings.
  • 161 Live Clips (119 Audio + 42 Midi).
  • 105 Multi-sample Instruments.
  • 166 FX Instruments.
  • 5 Audio Effect Racks.

The Live Pack is available for purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Oscar


Monomo Sound Design releases Fractals for impOSCar 2

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Monomo Sound Design Fractals

Monomo Sound Design has released Fractals, a soundset for the impOSCar2 software synthesizer by GForce Software.

Fractals features

  • Main set of 145 sound presets.
  • Chords set of 12 sounds using the chord function.
  • Arps set of 12 sounds using the arppegiator function.
  • MIDI Chords are a set of 53 chords in MIDI format, for use with the chord function.
  • All sounds make good use of the Modulation Wheel settings.
  • All sounds have the “Delay” effects OFF by default.
  • Only 50% of sounds use the “Chorus” effect. The other 50% use no effects at all.

The soundset costs $12 USD.

More information: Monomo Sound Design


Boxed Ear releases OSCar for Kontakt

Boxed Ear OSCar

Boxed Ear has announced the release of OSCar, a virtual synthesizer library for Kontakt 4 and 5 made
entirely with the OSC OSCar synthesizer.

Released in 1983 by the Oxford Synthesizer Company, the OSCar was a unique combination of analog and digital. The oscillators are a digital design with the capability of being able to build waveforms using additive synthesis. These feed into an analogue multi-mode filter design which was inspired by the Minimoog trick of looping the synths output back into the filter’s input to overdrive the filter circuits, resulting in a characteristically crunchy sound.

Included in the pack are 119 Kontakt instruments which cover a wide range of synth sounds, both monophonic and polyphonic: tough basses, gorgeous evolving pads, complex leads and a host of other synth sounds all stamped with the OSCar’s unique sound.

OSCar features

  • 1.1Gb soundset.
  • Over 2,300 samples at 24-bit, 44.1 kHz quality.
  • 119 Kontakt instruments (Raw mono, Raw poly, Processed mono, Processed poly, Waveforms).

OSCar for Kontakt costs $49 USD/€39 EUR/£30 GBP inc. VAT. Requires Kontakt 4 or 5 full version. OSCar does NOT work with the free Kontakt Player.

More information: Boxed Ear / OSCar


MrTheBigMan releases Dust : Imposcar – New Year Freebie

MrTheBigMan Dust Imposcar

MrTheBigMan has released Dust : Imposcar, a free sample pack with sounds from Imposcar software synthesizer instrument by G-Force Software.

Dust : Imposcar aims to bring you some great sounds to your sampler of choice.

mrthebigman has painstakingly created 10 brand new sounds covering Bass, Lead, Pads and Keys.

Originally given away free to mailing list subscribers, mrthebigman has decided to give this away as a new years gift to all of the producers that have followed him over the last year.

Dust : Imposcar features

  • 10 multisampled kits covering note c2-c4.
  • 16 Arp sounds recorded out of the synth.

The samples are available to download in .wav, Kontakt and Reason ReFill formats, at no charge.

More information: MrTheBigMan / Dust : Imposcar


Cluster Sound releases Wave Bass-A for Ableton

Cluster Sound has released Wave Bass-A, the first wavetable synth collection for Ableton Live.

Cluster Sound Wave Bass-A

Wave Bass-A is a massive collection of 100 bass synthesizers and 100 Live Clips based on 128 pristine analog wavetables. Thanks to the multi-selectable oscillators and to the masterly use of all Live sampling features, Wave Bass-A generates amazing simulations of vintage bass synths characterized by incredible low-end and definition.

Wave Bass-A features

  • The Sound Engine: Wave Bass-A doesn’t make use of pre-recorded samples. Each sound is generated by a small 18 Kbyte file, a genuine analog wavetable (single cycle waveform) with a table size of 2048 samples. These atoms of sound, thanks to the amazing interpolation quality of Live and to the skilful use all the Sampler/Simpler features, allow to reproduce the warmth and the nuance of old analog synthesizers.
  • Wave Selector: This feature allows to select the wavetable oscillator on-the-fly simply by moving the “Wave Selector” knob. This knob scans through the 128 wavetables included in each Instrument and allows to radically change the sounds without dragging new patches nor loosing the patch settings. Most of the included Instruments implement two selectable oscillators, making it possible to radically increase the possible sound combinations. The built-in wavetables been extracted from 7 glorious vintage synthesizers:
    • 001-018 — Oscar Synthesizer
    • 019-035 — Moog Sonic Six
    • 036-058 — Moog Minimoog
    • 059-078 — Korg MS20
    • 079-094 — Korg DW8000 (Dco-Vcf)
    • 095-109 — Yamaha CS-80
    • 110-128 — Oberheim Matrix 1000
  • Content: The 100 Bass Instruments are organized into 4 categories (Double – Octave – Pitcher – Splitter) characterized by specific Macro Controls designed for dynamic tweaking while performing. All the instruments implement a parallel Sub-harmonic channel and share a special “Stereo Dynamo” FX Module that allows to increase the warmth and the spatial image of the sounds.

Wave Bass-A for Ableton is available to purchase for 29.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sounds / Wave Bass-A


Bob Moog Foundation Raffle: Win impOSCar2 controller & GForce software suite

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced an impOSCar2 Software Controller Raffle.

Touch Digital impOSCar2 controller

A raffle to benefit the Bob Moog Foundation begins today. Two lucky winners will each receive the new impOSCar2 Controller from Touch Digital Controllers and an entire suite of five virtual instruments from GForce software—a prize package valued at nearly $2,500.

The raffle will continue until all 500 tickets have been sold. Because the BMF will be awarding two complete packages, each entry has a 1 in 250 chance of winning. Tickets are $20 each, or you can improve your odds by buying six for $100.

Raffle tickets are available from the Bob Moog Foundation’s web store at

More information: Bob Moog Foundation