Retro Sampling releases Sweet ChillOut

Retro Sampling Sweet ChillOut

Retro Sampling has announced the release of Sweet ChillOut, a sound library plugin based on Maize Sampler.

Delivering a warm valley of pads for your everyday ChillOut, featuring 19 different pads that spans over 7GB.

Besides the Windows VSTi/Standalone version there is also a large selection of patches/banks for the most common sample formats, including: WAVE / HALion / KONTAKT / NNXT / ReFill / SoundFont / EXS24

Created for a personal inner journey to find the ultimate pad sound of Ibiza with a dedication to the legendary Lenny Ibizarre.

Sweet ChillOut is available through SoundsOnDemand, priced 55 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: Retro Sampling Sweet ChillOut


PowerFX releases Erlenmeyer Field

PowerFX / Retro Sampling Erlenmeyer Field

PowerFX has released Erlenmeyer Field, an electric piano sound library by Retro Sampling.

Picture your self darkness, moonlight, out in the woods, you are all alone but somehow you are not alone…

These sounds are created to give you that odd suspense feeling of weirdness that were established in thriller movies and sci-fi series in the early 90’s , you can’t really describe what it is but you can nearly describe how it sounds, it’s unexplainable and creepy and we all like it… This time it’s Erlenmeyer Field.

Erlenmeyer Field features

  • Sample-based virtual instrument plug-in.
  • Size: 610 MB content – 220 MB download.
  • Includes: Wav/HALion/Kontakt/NN-XT/ReFill/Maize-Standalone/VSTi (WinXP/ASIO needed for Standalone/VSTi).

Erlenmeyer Field is available to purchase for $14 USD.

More information: PowerFX / Erlenmeyer Field


Retro Sampling releases Oscillator Pak – Sampler Synth Elements v1.0

Retro Sampling Oscillator Pak

Retro Sampling has released Oscillator Pak – Sampler Synth Elements v1.0, a freeware virtual instrument in various formats.

This is a collection of free waveforms for the experimental synth/patch programmer that uses a sampler for waveform playback instead of oscillators in a synth, all samplers more or less have a unique sound, and new sounds can be sculpted with that sound by using it’s ADSR and builtin effects (if any) or by processing it further with external plugins and effects. It may not be the excellent waveforms that makes this free collection so good but the extensive format support.

Oscillator Pak features

  • 580MB Content (175 MB Download File).
  • Included formats: Wave / HALion / Kontakt / NN19 / NNXT / ReFill / GIGA / Maize + Standalone +
    VSTi / DS404 / CMPlay / SoundFont / EXS24 / DirectWave / HALion HSB & Kontakt Monolith.
  • PDF Manual.

Oscillator Pak – Sampler Synth Elements v1.0 is available as a free download.

Visit Retro Sampling for more information.


PowerFX releases Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond

PowerFX Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond

PowerFX has released Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond, a collection of samples by Retro Sampling.

These banks are made for film scores in the genres of thriller or dark science fiction but could easily be used for ambient or cold chillout. It instantaneously gives you associations of that something is going to happen, so play it wisely and create sonic psychological tunes to push the listener in the right direction.

Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond features

  • Four banks: Cloustrofobic Within / Digital Wastelands / Fog Of Divinity / Gothic Darkness.
  • 1,800MB content (699 MB download size).
  • Compatible with Wav / HALion / Kontakt / NNXT / Refill / GIGA / Maize-Standalone / VSTi formats.

Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond is available for $59 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.


Retro Sampling releases Vintage Tape Delay VST v1.0

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Retro Sampling Vintage Tape Delay

Retro Sampling has released Vintage Tape Delay, a freeware VST plug-in for Windows PC.


  • Four separate heads simulation with modulation and feedback for each
  • Dry/Wet controls
  • Timeline/age
  • Saturation
  • Hiss
  • Master volume

Visit Retro Sampling for more information and a link to download Vintage Tape Delay v1.0.


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