Soniccouture launches Omnichord sale in support of Japanese Tsunami Appeal

Soniccouture has announced a special sale for Omnichord, a sampled omnichord instrument for Kontakt and EXS24. If you’ve never bought an instrument from us before, please consider buying this one. The Omnichord will only be … read more

Soniccouture releases Ondes for Kontakt Player

Soniccouture has announced the release of Ondes, a virtual Ondes Martenot for Native Instruments Kontakt. Recorded with world-famous Ondist Thomas Bloch, the instrument features extensive sampling of the Ondes oscillators, convolution emulation of each of … read more music contest: “Moving”

As I am preparing to relocate my family to a new house this March, the subject of “moving” has been on my mind a lot lately. Moving is about putting things in motion. Besides the … read more

Soniccouture Ondes, sneak preview of sampled ondes Martenot for Kontakt

Soniccouture has announced the Ondes, its next sample library featuring the sounds of the ondes Martenot, recorded with multi-instrumentalist Thomas Bloch. The original instrument can be played in a number of ways, including au ruban, … read more

Soniccouture Skiddaw Stones updated to v1.1 + new Ondes library coming soon

Soniccouture has released version 1.1 of the Skiddaw Stones, a Kontakt sample library featuring a lithophone composed of 61 tuned and shaped rocks, made from the rare hornfels stone, found in Cumbria, England. We’ve given … read more

Soniccouture releases free SC MIDI Pack

Soniccouture has announced the release of the SC MIDI Pack, a selection of 51 MIDI files from Soniccouture’s audio demos. Many of you have suggested, requested and well, nagged us to make some of the … read more

Soniccouture XMas Sale: The Big 4 Classics at 50% Off

Soniccouture has announced the last four classics sample libraries in its XMas Sale. THE BIG 4 CLASSICS – 50% OFF SALE ENDS FRIDAY 31ST: PAN DRUM | KONKRETE2 | BOWED PIANO | TREMORS ENTER CODE … read more

Soniccouture announces new Christmas Sale items, 50% off classic downloads

Soniccouture has announed the next four products available at 50% off in its Christmas Sale. You can get 50 % off the following classic downloads: Kim – Evocative Thai Dulcimer, related to the chinese yangqin. … read more

Ableton releases Novachord, MachineKits, and Tubular Bells partner instruments

Ableton has announced the release of three new Partner Instruments, a growing collection of diverse and essential sounds designed specifically for Live by our partners. New Ableton Partner Instruments Novachord by Soniccouture, a collection of … read more

Soniccouture announces Xmas Sale 2010

Soniccouture has announced a Christmas Sale, offering various limited time deals on its sample libraries. Soniccouture Christmas Sale Offer 1: Buy One Get One Free – Choose any two products, enter the code BOGOF at … read more

Soniccouture announces Morpheus, virtual percussion instrument

Soniccouture has announced Morpheus, a sample library featuring the sounds of an aluminum percussion instrument by Freenotes. The instrument is modular; the keys can be rearranged in any order you like, as each metal bar … read more

Ableton Partner Instrument Compilation, free Live Pack updated

Ableton has released version 1.4 of the Partner Instrument Compilation, a free Live Pack. Ableton’s favorite sound designers have developed a rich collection of instruments custom-made for Ableton Live: the Partner Instruments. Now, we’re giving … read more

Soniccouture releases (Xtended) Piano, Kontakt Player instruments

Soniccouture has released (Xtended) Piano, a collection of 5 Kontakt Player instruments. “Extended” is a term usually used to describe unorthodox techniques used when playing a musical instrument in an unconventional way, to coax new … read more

Soniccouture Tingklik, bamboo percussion instrument sample library

Soniccouture has released Tingklik, a sampled bamboo percussion instrument. A Tingklik is a bamboo percussion instrument from Bali. It’s often used for “Rindik” music, so is sometimes referred to as a Rindik itself. Rindik music … read more

Soniccouture Array Mbira, thumb piano powered by Kontakt 4 Player

Soniccouture has released Array Mbira, a sample library for Kontakt featuring a 5 octave thumb piano from Array Instruments, made especially for Soniccouture. The Mbira is originally a folk instrument from Africa. Sometimes called a … read more

Ableton offers free Partner Instrument with purchase of Live 8 or Suite 8 + Free Partner Instrument Compilation

Ableton has announced that it is offering a free Partner Instrument with every purchase of Live 8 or Suite 8 before August 31, 2010. Ableton’s favorite sound designers have developed a rich collection of instruments … read more

Soniccouture releases Novachord

Soniccouture has released Novachord, a sample library featuring the sounds of the worlds first commercially available synthesizer, designed by the Hammond Organ Company in 1938 and put into full production from 1938 to 1942. We … read more

Ableton releases exclusive instruments from Ableton partners

Ableton has announced the release of a new range of exquisite instruments, custom-made for Live by some of its favorite sound partners. The range of sounds is highly diverse, including painstakingly sampled grand pianos, Balinese … read more

Soniccouture releases RMI Rocksichord

Soniccouture has announced the release of RMI Rocksichord, a free sampled Rocksichord electric harpsichord instrument for Kontakt. A certain Mikael Jorgensen from Wilco mentioned to us that he had started sampling his ancient RMI Rocksichord … read more

Soniccouture announces Christmas Sale

Soniccouture has announced a Christmas Sale, offering a free download with every order. From 7th – 25th December Soniccouture are offering their customers a free download product of their choice with every order made at … read more