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Music Bundle Box announced – plugins bundle at 80% off

Music Bundle Box has announced a discounted plug-in bundle featuring products from various audio software developers, including Crysonic, SugarBytes, Blue Cat Audio, Audiffex, SFX Machine, eaReckon, Timeworks, Melda Production, and Intelligent Devices.

Music Bundle Box

Inspired and motived by the successfull ‘Mac Bundle Box’, Music Bundle Box is about to release a bundle with 80% price reduction. The bundle price will be around 150$. Plus, 5% of the benefits will be gave to the charity UNICEF.

This might seem a huge difference; but this effort is balanced by the amount of developpers present in the pack and one must admit it is a successful formula for all parties.

Musicians and producers also want to discover new softwares to inspire their creativity. These kind of bundles promotions are a great way to do this. So, in order to respond to this large demand, we decided to provide a great deal between developers and musicians.

This will be possible with a large number of email subscriptions. Musicians, composers, music producers, take the opportunity! Suscribe now to the Newsletter, you will be uptated as soon as we achieve this limited offer this fall.

More information: Music Bundle Box


Findremix & Sound Avenue launch dPen – “Vasanizome” Remix Contest

Findremix has announced the dPen – “Vasanizome” Remix Contest in collaboration with Sound Avenue.

dPen Vasanizome Remix Contest

Findremix and Sound Avenue have teamed up to launch a remix contest of Greek top producer dPen. His tracks enjoy, among others, the support of John Digweed Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Laurent Garnier, Nick Warren, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and Paul Van Dyk. His sound has something unique as he combines tech beats with a progressive feeling and hunting melodies. Every song is a small story that reflects feelings and emotions.

Sound Avenue is a relatively young Belgian label that was founded last summer by the guys behind Mitrinique & Yunta. In a short time they have built a solid reputation with releases & remixes from producers such as Sound Process, Nikko Z, Andy Arias, Martin Garcia, Liz Cirelli, Petar Dundov, Deepfunk and many others. Each release is supported by a lot of a-list DJs. SA wants to give the possibility to new unknown producers to have their remix on the upcoming dPen release!

Official sponsors for this competition are SoundCloud, Prime Loops, Sugar Bytes and Camel Audio.

The submission phase begin April 30th 2012 and ends on May 14th, 2012 23:59:59 GMT +1 (Central European Time).

More information: Findremix


Sugar Bytes announces Cyclop wobble synth plugin

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Sugar Bytes has announced Cyclop, a “wobble synthesizer” instrument for Windows and Mac.

Sugar Bytes CYCLOP

It’s a monophonic monster, armed to the teeth with jaw dropping effects and wobblier than a jelly on a space hopper.

CYCLOP is the scratch-looping, sample-mashing, sub-generating, harmonic-splicing mothership of the twisted bass alliance and it’s landing on your desktop soon.

With masses of new sounds for you audio-junkies, from screaming analog syncs through brutal FM sounds to scintillating spectral shimmers. The integrated sampler also works as wavetable synth and pitch transformer for creating unbelievable and disturbing monster voices. CYCLOP is more than massively loaded with features: 10 incredible filters, unique wobble generator, feedback processor, 3 overdrives and an effects sequencer.

Cyclop is schedulded for release in Spring 2012.

More information: Sugar Bytes


Sugar Bytes launches Xmas Deals 2011

Sugar Bytes has launched the Xmas Deals 2011, a limited time promotion.

Sugar Bytes Xmas Deals 2011

To celebrate Xmas we’re offering some incredible discounts on the entire Sugar Bytes range.

Pick up ‘Turnado’, winner of Music Tech and Computer Music awards, for only $149 as well as some more advanced plugins like Consequence, Artillery or Guitarist for a mind boggling $129!

Make this Xmas a little bit sweeter on the ears, check out the full range of Sugar Bytes products and amazing Xmas prices. This offer expires on december 31st.

More information: Sugar Bytes


Sugar Bytes releases RTAS versions of its plugins

Sugar Bytes

Sugar Bytes has announced it has released RTAS version of all its products.

All Sugar Bytes products now deliver an RTAS plugin and work directly in Pro Tools, without needing any additional wrapper software.

Turnado and Thesys have enjoyed some deeper programming and now come with fresh features and improvements.

Turnado 1.1.1 now features a special SyncX mode in the Stutter and Looper effect, which nails all changes of speed knobs onto the beat measure. The Turnado Guitar Amp now works in true stereo.

In Thesys 1.6.0 the Action Section has been enhanced, Manual Step Mode now can be retriggered and looped and the Song Sequencer will also be retriggered by the Action Section.

More information: Sugar Bytes


Sugar Bytes updates Turnado to v1.1

Sugar Bytes Turnado

Sugar Bytes has updated Turnado, a multi-fx plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Turnado is a revolutionary multi-effect tool, crafted especially for massive real-time audio manipulation. It combines unique and dynamic effects with the most intuitive and immediate control you can imagine. Just turn it on and crank it up.

The brandnew Turnado update is now online! RTAS is now directly supported, so Turnado now runs in ProTools without the need of a wrapper. The new Undo/Redo feature allows you to go back in history whenever you like.

Changes in Turnado v1.1

  • Native RTAS Version.
  • Sync X Option for Looper.
  • Bypass Lock Option.
  • Midi-Key Learn for Dictator.
  • Continous Record Mode for Slicearranger.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • Randomize fixed and improved.
  • Remember GUI Setup on close/open.
  • Synced Mode for Filterpattern Sweep Parameter.
  • Improved Looper Sync.
  • Improved Modulation Accuracy.

Turnado for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for 139 EUR / $179 USD.

More information: Sugar Bytes / Turnado


Review: Sugar Bytes Turnado multi-effect plugin for real-time audio manipulation

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With its colorful and playful appearance, Sugar Bytes’ latest effect plugin Turnado might look like a bit of a toy. And sure enough, like a proper toy this multi-effect is tons of fun to play with, but at the same time you get an incredibly powerful sound mangling toolkit.

The idea is simple: Turn a knob and the effect is on. Turn the knob further to adjust effect parameters and apply modulations. Turn the knob down and the effect is off.

Turnado comes with 24 individual effects, which can be assigned to up to 8 effect slots. Each slot has a single main knob to control the parameters of the assigned effect. The workflow is excellent. Just drag and drop an effect from the effect browser on the left into an effect slot and you’re good to go.

Sugar Bytes Turnado
Sugar Bytes Turnado sports large, colorful controls on its interface

So what exactly are these main knobs controlling? Each effect slot has an “Edit Page” with effect parameters and modulation options.

The top part of the interface shows 5 knobs for setting parameters specific to the selected effect. The first four controls have varying parameters, the fifth one – the Dry/Wet control – is the same for all effects. Note that you can still set the dry/wet mode individually for each effect slot, so for instance you can have one effect in x-fade mode (linear transformation), while another mixes the effected signal into the original signal.

Turnado Edit Page

Right below effect parameter controllers are the “Amount Controllers”. These knobs allow you to define the range in which the main knobs operate on the effect parameters, and a set of three color coded modulation switches activate 2 LFOs and an envelope follower to modulate the effect parameter. The knobs and switches in this section have “-” and “+” values, so you either subtract or add to a parameter. The parameter changes follow the waveform in the middle of the knob – the so called transformation curve. A total of 24 curves are available to choose from.

In the same way the modulation parameters in the bottom of the Edit Page interface – Rate, Phase, and Amount for the LFOs; Attack, Release, and Amount for the envelope follower &nash; have amount controllers as well. This means that you will also be able to control the range of a particular modulation parameter with the main knob.

The LFOs have a graphic display which shows the selected waveform and displays numerical values for the LFO parameters set by the knobs below the display. Some standard and not so standard waveforms are available to choose from. Turnado does not import custom LFO waveforms, but a step sequencer will let you draw your own curve in 16 steps. LFOs can either loop or “one-shot” (play once after being triggered), synced to your host or free running, and quantized.

Sugar Bytes made a video demonstrating the Edit Page options.

Alright, so let’s take a quick look at the 24 effects included. The browser panel groups different types of effects by color.

Turnado Effects Browser

Turnado effects

  • Delay – Pattern Delay (8 delay lines running in pre-defined patterns), Reverse Delay, Pitch Delay (classic delay with integrated filter and optional pitch mod of delay tails)
  • Modulation – Flanger (classic flange/chorus), Phaser, Tonalizer (short delay for tuned delay tails)
  • Reverb – Reverb and Freezeverb (reverb echo freeze)
  • Transformation – Ringmodulator, Vocodizer (vocoder)
  • Amplifier – Levelizer (compression, auto-pan, tremolo, gate), Guitar Amp (amplifier/distortion with multi-band equalizer)
  • Loop FX – Looper, Pitch Looper (add pre-defined pitch sequences to looped slices), Pan Looper (pan and pitch), Reactor (“Transient Looper” self activating loop tool), Slice Arranger (real-time recording & slicing)
  • DJ tools – Granulizer (grain effect control pitch and tempo), Stutter Effect, Vinylizer (tape/vinyl stop & scratching).
  • Filter – Filter (multi-mode), Filter Pattern (sequenced filter patterns), Vowel Filter, Spectralizer (32-delay filter bank)

When assigning effects to the slots the signal path will follow down the sequence of slots. You can easily swap effects around to hear the difference in sound. There’s also the option to have the last activated effect sit in front of the previous one, making interaction between effects completely dynamic. This option can be saved per preset.

Turnado can be automated by MIDI so programming it can be done by sequencing MIDI parts in your host. Simply map the main knobs to your controller and you are good to play Turnado like a proper instrument.

Turnado Dictator

To bring some more order to a plugin that can get chaotic pretty fast, Sugar Bytes has included the “Dictator”.

Basically, the Dictator controls all main effect knobs with one single fader. As the slider moves up and down 16 steps, it triggers effect slots recorded or drawn in corresponding lanes. This is great for creating more controlled effect sequences or if you’re doing things that require turning more knobs than you can manage with one set of hands.

Turnado comes with some Dictator presets, which are helpful in learning how to use this control. Global multi-effect presets are available from the top display, right above the global dry/wet control in the middle. Some 60 are included. The individual effects also come with presets, close to 500 in total.

Turnado settings

A settings panel reveals some options that can be set globally, and some per preset. Some interesting ones include MIDI CC lock, which means MIDI learn settings will be locked so you don’t need to set them every time you select another preset. The Dynamic Signal Flow (the order of effects) I mentioned earlier is set here, you can set the effect to turn off at full both zero and full rotation values, and more.

Oh, one more thing! Did you happen to spot that little button to the right of the Turnado logo?

Turnado Randomize

That’s a randomize button indeed! For instant inspiration press this thing and see what comes up. Effect slots and effect parameters are set randomly but it’s quite sane as not all parameters in an effect slot are affected.

The Dictator also features randomize buttons for each one of the 8 lanes, and one to do them all at once. Love it.

So what do I think?

Product: Turnado by Sugar Bytes
Format: Effect plug-in for Windows & Mac (VST/AU)
Price: 139 EUR / $179 USD
Like: Fun & easy to use, flexible editing, quality sound
Don’t like: Steep price
Verdict: 9/10

Well, color me impressed! I am always interested in creative multi-effects but I did not expect Turnado to be this good.

The “One Knob” concept works wonderfully well, as does the Dictator. Just map these controls to your MIDI controller and you will be creating amazing effects on the fly straight away. Dynamic, unexpected, playful. Great for performing live, but also for in your studio since parameters can be automated with ease.

The effects palette is versatile, with well chosen parameters for each effect and a modulation system that is easy to use. It seems Sugar Bytes really took the time to think things through. With Turnado they provide a multi-effect with deep and flexible editing, without making things overly complicated. Creating complex effect chains has never been this easy.

If it weren’t for the price tag – which I think is a bit steep compared to the competition – I’d give this one full marks for sure. Turnado gets my creative juices flowing in a big way and I am already looking forward to my next session with it.

More information: Sugar Bytes / Turnado


Laptoprockers launch DAMNDOGS Remix Contest

Laptoprockers have announced the DAMNDOGS Remix Contest, a chance to win prizes and get your remix released on vinyl.

Laptoprockers DAMNDOGS Remix Contest

Australian indie dance act DAMNDOGS are looking for FIVE remixes to be released on vinyl.

Chris Cester and Mark Wilson already made name & fame as members of the Australian rock outfit Jet, but have taken a different direction with their new DAMNDOGS project. Completed by longtime friends Mitch McIvor and Louis Macklin, the band doesn’t produce rock music à la Jet, but a unique style of their own that’s been dubbed “doom disco”. DAMNDOGS are bound to tear up dance floors worldwide and they want you to be part of it!

With 5 songs to choose from, this is another big contest for you to join here at Laptoprockers! Remix any of the supplied DAMNDOGS songs to enter the contest.

We have teamed up with iZotope, FXpansion and Sugar Bytes to fill the prize pool for this remix contest with some very nice plug-ins worth well over $850.

Stems to a new DAMNDOGS song will be available every other week at Laptoprockers. The contest closes October 27, three weeks after the last song has been posted.

More information: Laptoprockers