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Softube announces Crossgrade for PowerCore Users


Softube has announced a crossgrade for users of its PowerCore plugins.

On January 19, TC Electronic announced that they will cease further development of the PowerCore platform.

Softube offers a crossgrade for PowerCore users that own Tube-Tech CL 1B or Vintage Amp Room for PowerCore. Send us proof of purchase for Tube-Tech CL 1B or Vintage Amp Room for PowerCore and we will offer a 50% discount when purchasing the native versions from us. For those of you that already own both PowerCore and native licenses, get in touch with us and we will handle it on a case-by-case basis. This offer is valid until February 28.

More information: Softube


Softube Tube-Tech PE C1, classic program equalizer effect

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Softube Tube-Tech PE C1

Softube has released the Tube-Tech PE C1, a plug-in version of the passive, tube-based equalizer.

Softube and Tube-Tech partner up once again to release another Tube-Tech classic! By releasing a dead-on digital version of the PE 1C program equalizer we’d like to wish Tube-Tech a happy 25th birthday! The PE 1C is based on the very first Tube-Tech design made 25 years ago and today the PE 1C is a modern classic still in production, widely used and appreciated by those that seek that magic but elusive vintage Pultec sound.

In creating this plug-in we have taken the same extreme attention to detail that Tube-Tech took 25 years ago when they set out to make the most accurate Pultec style equalizer possible. All this becomes evident when hearing the analog characteristics this plug-in recreates. We’re proud to bring you another blue unit for your virtual racks and hope you’ll enjoy it!

Tube-Tech PE C1 features

  • The Pultec style equalizer!
  • Classic Tube-Tech sound, created together with the designers at Lydkraft/Tube-Tech.
  • Each and every component carefully modeled.
  • Unique interaction between filters.
  • Modeled output transformer.
  • Extremely analog behavior of frequencies, phase, distortion, etc.
  • CPU friendly.

The Tube-Tech PE C1 is available to purchase for the introductory price $229 (Native) or $329 (TDM/Native) until 16 August, 2010. Prices in USD excl. VAT.

More information: Softube / Tube-Tech PE C1


Softube releases Tube-Tech CL 1B Native

Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B Native

Softube has announced the release of Tube-Tech CL 1B Native, a compressor effect plug-in for PC and Mac.

Tube-Tech CL 1B is a true studio classic, heard on tons and tons of records for the past 20 years. Like its hardware counterpart, the Tube-Tech CL 1B native plug-in sounds soft, smooth, groovy and can compress an insane amount of dB’s without sounding bad.

The CL 1B plug-ins by Softube are the only Tube-Tech plug-ins that are fully endorsed by Tube-Tech.

This version requires no DSP hardware but uses the same outstanding modeling technology and algorithms as the famous Tube-Tech CL 1B plug-in for TDM and PowerCore (distributed by TC Electronic). The sound is of course just as fantastic as its predecessor. With this unprecedented accuracy, down to details such as the precise VU meter behaviour, the Tube-Tech CL 1B plug-in is definitely in a league of its own.

Tube-Tech CL 1B Native features

  • Classic Tube-Tech sound in your computer.
  • Created together with the designers at Lydkraft/Tube-Tech.
  • Each and every component carefully modeled.
  • Fix./man. mode for breaking traditional compression boundaries.
  • External sidechain control.
  • A seriously great looking GUI.
  • Very CPU friendly.

Tube-Tech CL 1B Native is available for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for the 25% off introductory price of $329 USD (excl. VAT).

More information: Softube / Tube-Tech CL 1B Native


Impact Soundworks releases Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds

Impact Soundworks has released Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds, a new drum sample library featuring vintage acoustic drum kits recorded in an authentic 60’s and 70’s style with all-analog gear.

“The drum sounds of the 60s and 70s have been captivating producers and engineers such as
me for decades. Countless tracks have featured samples taken from funk records, but no one
has made an effort to create a new collection of old-school sounds with that vintage tone,” said
Andrew Aversa, lead developer of the product.

Impact Soundworks Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds

Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds features

  • Nearly 4 gigabytes and 3,500 samples of unlocked, 24/96 audio content.
  • Three deeply sampled, custom kits as well as a set of percussive instruments: five snares, four kicks, nine toms, three hats (closed, loose, open, pedal), two rides, two crashes, two splashes, two rims, handclaps, tambourine, shaker, agogo, bongos, woodblocks, cowbell and triangle.
  • Recorded at three studios across the United States using a wide range of microphones, from high-end Neumann mics to trashy RCA and GE mics nearly half a century old.
  • All-analog outboard chain featured such gems as an authentic 70s Neve broadcast console, a UA-1176 and 2-610S, Tube-Tech, ADL and Empirical Labs compressors and even giant Otari and TASCAM tape machines.
  • Streamlined mixing, offering one or two tracks per kit component – close micing, and overhead or room micing.
  • Formats: Kontakt (version 2+), EXS-24, Battery and Reason NN-XT (at 16/44.1), with more formats on the way.
  • All formats of Groove Bias are unlocked for your editing and re-mapping pleasure, and with 5-10 round robins and 5-16 velocities per switchable kit component.

Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds is available for download for $99 USD for the Kontakt/HALion/EXS24 version, and $89 USD for the Reason version.

Visit Impact Soundworks for more information and some audio and video demos.